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    Commercial Dehumidifier 160-Pint (80L) for 800 Sq. Ft

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    Quality hand-push dehumidifier is suitable for commercial & industrial environments like basements, workshops, hotels, etc. It can reduce moisture in the air 80L per day (about 160 pints per day) in an area ranging from 60 m2 to 80 m2 (645 to 860 sq. ft). Big air volume 800 m3/h and high power 1250W makes dehumidification more efficient. Quiet dehumidifier is designed with a handle and two wheels, convenient to transport, large water tank and drain outlet for continuous drainage, as well as durable housing.
    SKU: ATO-FDH-280BS
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    Delivery date: 20-30 days

    The quiet dehumidifier is designed to remove up to 80 square meters of air moisture in heavy duty environments including commercial and industrial to maintain an ideal relative humidity level and keep the room more comfortable and healthy.


    • 160 pints per day (80L per day) dehumidification for an area up to 800 square feet (60-80m2).
    • Large air volume 800m3/h, to move moist air faster and make dehumidification more efficient.
    • Using high-performance brand compressor, low noise, energy saving and high efficiency.
    • Built-in 6L big capacity water tank, and also with a drain hose outlet to connect external pipe for continuous drainage.
    • Two wheels and a handle design, convenient to move.
    • High-strength metal plate housing, wear-resistant and durable.
    • Automatic humidity control between 10% ~ 90%.
    • Auto defrosting when the environment temperature is below 5℃.


    Model ATO-FDH-280BS
    Dehumidity Capacity 80L/D (160 pints per day) (80%RH, 30℃)
    Air Volume 800m3/h
    Working Temperature 5~35℃
    Applicable Floor Area 60-80m2 (645-860 sq. ft)
    Voltage AC 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
    Power 1250W
    Refrigerant R407C
    Certification CE, ROHS, GS
    Warranty 1 Year
    Dimension 560*510*910mm
    Weight 45kg

    Shipping Way of ATO Dehumidifier

    Just confirm us the shipping way by email when place your order.

    1. Ship by Air: The compressed refrigerant inside the dehumidifier is a dangerous item with the possibility of explosion, so it needs to release the compressed refrigerant before transportation. (It means that dehumidifier without refrigerant when choosing this shiping way. After the machine arrives at your destination, you need to add refrigerant by local professionals, the process is as simple as adding refrigerant for ordinary air conditioners.) Delivery time is about 15-30 days.

    2. Ship by Sea: The transportation time is longer (about 40-55 days), and there is no need to add refrigerant after the equipment arrives at the destination.


    Commercial Dehumidifier ApplicationsTips: Dehumidifier Using Skills

    1. Check the user instructions.
    After the dehumidifier is arrived, it might as well read the instructions carefully first before use. It has introduced in detail some basic functions and use notice of the dehumidifier. This is very necessary for the novice, directly affecting the effect of dehumidification.

    2. Master basic knowledge
    When you have a simple understanding of the instructions, you can start the dehumidifier because you've mastered some of the skills of using a dehumidifier. In the process of use, you may encounter some common dehumidifier failures, such as noise, not working, water leakage, poor effect and so on. You can consult the manufacturer, and also can find the solution through the network.

    3. Pay attention to maintenance
    Regular maintenance of the household dehumidifier is not only to keep good performance of dehumidifier, but also to extend its service life. Usually, the household dehumidifier needs to regularly clean the filter and change the energy piece (about once every two weeks). If there is adhesive on the surface of the body, clean with soapy water, avoid washing it with gasoline, petroleum essence, solvent or spray insecticide spray, so as not to peel paint or discoloration phenomenon. In addition, if the parts are aging, timely replacement is needed.

    Existing reviews of Commercial Dehumidifier 160-Pint (80L) for 800 Sq. Ft
    Replace me over-worked dehumidifier
    I purchased this 80L dehumidifier to replace me over-worked dehumidifier which gave out last spring. This dehumidifier is very solid, and it is doing the job. I look forward to a less humid basement next spring.
    From: Keran | Date: 07/12/2022
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    Excellent 80L dehumidifier
    Excellent 80L dehumidifier than runs seemlessly. it has a pump for draining into pipes that are higher than ground level. 80L dehumidifier has wheels which are wonderful. we have it in the basement so noise is null.
    From: Farrah | Date: 27/06/2022
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