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    Industrial Dehumidifier 190-Pint (90L) for 1200 Sq. Ft

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    Ideal 190-pint dehumidifier can remove moisture up to 90L per day from the air in areas up to 120 m2 (1290 square feet). The industrial dehumidifier is also available with a larger dehumidification up to 108 litre per day for 100-150 m2 areas. Heavy duty dehumidifier is suitable for commercial and industrial environments such as basement, warehouse and so on, due to its amazing features like powerful and quiet compressor, strong turbine centrifugal fan up to 1000m3/h air volume, protective PET filter, free humidity setting and automatic defrost function, etc.
    SKU: ATO-FDH-290BC
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    • Remove up to 90L water in the air per day (190 pints per day) for an area around 80-120m2 (860-1290 square feet).
    • Adopting brand compressor, powerful, low noise and energy saving.
    • Turbine centrifugal fan with strong air volume 1000m3/h, large dehumidification capacity.
    • LCD display, free to set and control humidity.
    • Set start-up time (1-24h) freely.
    • Industrial dehumidifier has four universal wheels, convenient to move.
    • Auto defrosting function to protect the compressor and ensure the normal operation.
    • With direct-to-drain hose, to continuously drain off water.


    Model ATO-FDH-290BC ATO-FDH-2108BC
    Dehumidification Capacity 90L/D (190 pints per day) (80%RH, 30℃) 108L/D (220 pints per day) (80%RH, 30℃)
    Air Volume 1000m3/h 1100m3/h
    Working Temperature 5~35℃ 5~35℃
    Applicable Floor Area 80-120m2 (860-1290 sq. ft) 100-150m2 (1070-1610 sq. ft)
    Voltage AC 220V 50Hz AC 220V 50Hz
    Power 1650W 1750W
    Refrigerant R407C
    Certification CE, ROHS
    Warranty 1 Year
    Dimension 542*642*1017mm
    Weight 60kg 65kg

    Shipping Way of ATO Dehumidifier

    Just confirm us the shipping way by email when place your order.

    1. Ship by Air: The compressed refrigerant inside the dehumidifier is a dangerous item with the possibility of explosion, so it needs to release the compressed refrigerant before transportation. (It means that dehumidifier without refrigerant when choosing this shiping way. After the machine arrives at your destination, you need to add refrigerant by local professionals, the process is as simple as adding refrigerant for ordinary air conditioners.) Delivery time is about 15-30 days.

    2. Ship by Sea: The transportation time is longer (about 40-55 days), and there is no need to add refrigerant after the equipment arrives at the destination.

    Dehumidifier Details

    Industrial Dehumidifier Details


    Industrial Dehumidifier Applications

    Tips: Working Principle of Industrial Dehumidifier

    1. Internal circulation of industrial dehumidifier

    Operation of the compressor → discharges high temperature and high pressure gas from exhaust outlet → move into the condenser for cooling → turn into medium temperature and high pressure liquid → throttle through capillary → become low temperature and low pressure liquid → evaporation and heat absorption through evaporator → come back to the compressor compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas. The industrial dehumidifier works in such internal circulation.

    2. External circulation of industrial dehumidifier

    Starting up of dehumidifier under the normal condition → the operation of the fan → the moist air is inhaled from the air inlet → it goes through the evaporator → the evaporator attaches the water in the air to the aluminum sheet → it becomes dry air → it dissipates heat through the condenser → it is blown out from the air outlet.

    Internal refrigeration system and external air circulation are running synchronously, to complete the condensation and dehumidification. Such reciprocating cycle work of industry dehumidifier complete the dehumidification in the environmental space.

    Existing reviews of Industrial Dehumidifier 190-Pint (90L) for 1200 Sq. Ft
    Work for the entire basement
    Many things to like about this 90L dehumidifier that seems to work for the entire basement. Industrial dehumidifier has a nice long hose that drains to the sump pump, is relatively quiet.
    From: Hacoy | Date: 14/11/2022
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    Used in my brewery
    I bought this 90L dehumidifier to use in a small brewery. I received it on a Monday and per the instructions, I let dehumidifier sit upright for 24 hours before use. Better than I expected. I will order more.
    From: Beahn | Date: 18/07/2022
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