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    20A Sine Wave Filter, 3 Phase

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    Good price 20A sine wave filter comes with 3-phase, adapted power of 7.5kW, and carrier frequency 4kHz. The sinusoidal filter features compact, easy to install and excellent performance.
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    Three phase sine wave filter with rated current 20A, adapted power 7.5kW, withstand voltage 3000VAC 60/s, F insulation class. The sine filters filter out the switching frequency from the pulse width modulation (PWM) from the output of an inverter, then provide a sinusoidal motor current.


    Model ATO-SCAR-0020
    Rated current 20A
    Adapted power 7.5kW
    Withstand voltage 3000 VAC 60/s
    Fundamental frequency 50Hz
    Carrier frequency 4kHz
    Insulation class F
    Altitude <2000m
    Working temperature -40-85℃
    Voltage drop 8%-12%
    Weight 14.5kg


    Dimension of sine wave filter

    Model L W H L1 W1 A B
    ATO-SCAR-0020 230mm 220mm 245mm 210mm 78mm 8mm 14mm


    Sine wave filter application

    Tips: What is the function of a sine wave filter?

    The function of the sine wave filter is to convert the PWM wave output by the variable frequency into a sine wave. When the motor voltage is 50Hz, the distortion coefficient of the sine wave filter is about 5%.

    Its main functions include two aspects:

    1. Adjust the waveform output by the inverter. The waveform output by the inverter is a PWM wave, which is a waveform between a square wave and a sine wave. After adding a sine wave filter, the PWM wave will be transformed into a waveform that is more like a sine wave.
    2. Realize the long-distance transmission of the frequency converter. In general, if the distance between the inverter and the load exceeds 50 meters, a reactor must be added. If there is a requirement for the output waveform of the inverter, a sine wave filter must be added. This distance refers to the length of the connection.
    Existing reviews of 20A Sine Wave Filter, 3 Phase
    Provide high quality sine wave output
    The standout feature of this sine wave filter is its capacity to deliver a consistent and smooth sine wave output in a three-phase configuration. This is crucial for sensitive electronic equipment that relies on a clean and distortion-free power source.
    From: Zephyrine | Date: 22/11/2023
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