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    50A Sine Wave Filter, 3 Phase

    Cheap sine wave filter for sale online with rated current of 50A, adapted power of 22kW, carrier frequency 4kHz, and F insulation class. The sinusoidal filter has less interference propagation towards neighboring equipment or lines.
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    High-quality sine wave filter with rated current 50A, power of 22kW, withstand voltage 3000VAC 60/s. The sine filter has the advantage of small size, light weight and long service life.


    Model ATO-SCAR-0050
    Rated current 50A
    Adapted power 22kW
    Withstand voltage 3000 VAC 60/s
    Fundamental frequency 50Hz
    Carrier frequency 4kHz
    Insulation class F
    Altitude <2000m
    Working temperature -40-85℃
    Voltage drop 8%-12%
    Weight 32kg


    Dimension of sine wave filter

    Model L W H L1 W1 A B
    ATO-SCAR-0050 270mm 255mm 300mm 245mm 114mm 11.5mm 18mm


    Sine wave filter application

    Tips: Precautions for Using Sine Wave Filter

    1. The filter will filter out a large number of high-order harmonic components in the process of filtering the PWM wave into a sine wave, so the inverter will have a vacant space of about 5%~7.5% of the rated output current of the inverter when the filter is no-load. Loading current (under the condition of 380V 50Hz. This current is proportional to the fundamental frequency and the output voltage of the inverter).
    2. The filter should ensure good ventilation when in use.
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