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    On Off Toggle Switch, 3 Pin

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    On off toggle switch mounting hole diameter 6mm, 2 position, 3 pin, contact resistance 10mΩ, rated current 5A, 120 volt, electrical life 100,000 times, switch handle made of nickel-plated copper, with strong corrosion resistance.
    SKU: ATO-TS-T80P3
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    Small size toggle switch 2 position, on/off, panel mounting hole size 6mm, rated current 3A, rated voltage 250V, withstand voltage 1500V, waterproof and corrosion resistant, long service lifetime.


    Model ATO-TS-T80P3
    Position 3 Position, on/off/on
    Rated Value 5A/125V, 3A/250V
    Hole Size 6mm
    Contact Resistance 10mΩ
    Operating Temperature -25℃~85℃
    Withstand Voltage 1500V
    Electrical Life Time 100,000 Times
    Insulation Resistance 1000mΩ
    Warranty 12 Months
    Certificate UL, RoHS
    Weight 35g

    On Off On Toggle Switch Dimension (unit: mm)
    On off on toggle switch dimension

    Tip: 5 Advantages of the toggle switch

    1. The buttons of the toggle switch are bright in color and eye-catching. The surface of the button is treated with special processing technology. The design is novel and the appearance is beautiful. Due to the special processing of its appearance, it can be used for a long time without being worn and discolored.

    2. Toggle switches have good flame retardancy. Because the shell of the switch button is made of imported nylon, it has excellent flame retardancy. We know that because electricity is a special substance, the electrodes are prone to fire and accidents due to malfunctions. Toggle switches have excellent flame retardancy and are not easy to burn under certain circumstances, which helps protect the circuit.

    3. The toggle switch adopts a unique terminal design, which is safe for finger touch and there is no possibility of electric shock. Due to the danger to people, once improper use is prone to electric shock accidents, which poses a threat to personal safety, however, the wiring terminals of the toggle switch have a special design, which will not cause electric shock under any circumstances, which makes People use the toggle switch more safely. At the same time, the toggle switch can also effectively prevent the screw from falling off, which largely reflects the safety of the toggle switch.

    4. Has a certain degree of waterproof and dustproof. We all know that water is the enemy of electrical circuits. The circuit is prone to short-circuit and other phenomena when encountering water, which can cause damage to the circuit, and even cause danger such as electric leakage. The toggle switch does not have to worry about these dangers at all, because it has strong waterproof and dustproof properties. Its waterproof device ensures that the product's protection level is as high as IP65. After the protective cover is installed, the good dustproof performance makes the protection level It is up to IP67.

    5. Toggle switch is composed of three parts: contact module, base frame and button head. The connection of these three parts adopts the internationally accepted non-fastener self-locking connection, which is safe and reliable, and it is quite convenient to disassemble and assemble. It can be done alone and has a long service life.

    Existing reviews of On Off Toggle Switch, 3 Pin
    Good quality!
    I was pleasantly surprised on how quick that I received the 3 pin toggle switch, looks to be well built and price was fair! Works as need.
    From: Nguyen | Date: 25/05/2022
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