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    24V Red Green Lighted Toggle Switch

    24V water proof toggle switch with two colors LED light, red and green, 5 pin, on/off 2 position, 5A, copper nickel-plated material prevents rust and corrosion of the switch, IP67, it can be used in various harsh environments.
    SKU: ATO-TS-AD16102E3
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    LED light toggle switch on/off, 2 position, 24 volt, the light can be switched between red and green, 5 amp, rated voltage 3 to 250V AC/DC, Widely used in cars, RVs, ships and off-road vehicles.


    Model ATO-TS-AD16102E3
    Rated Current 5A
    Rated Voltage 3~250V AC/DC
    Position 2 Position, on/off
    Pin 5 Pin
    LED Life Time ≤50,000 Times
    Insulation Resistance ≥100 MΩ
    Action Force 2.0±0.2N
    Action Method Automatic Lock
    Protection Level IP67
    Operating Temperature -25℃~55℃
    Contact Resistance 25mΩ
    Nut Tightening Force 16N
    Electrical Life Time ≥50,000 Times
    Switch Stroke 1.2mm
    Warranty 12 Months
    Weight 17.8g

    Lighted 24V Toggle Switch Dimension (unit: mm)
    Lighted toggle switch dimension

    Pin Definition

    Toggle switch pin definition

    Tips for using toggle switches

    1. When soldering the toggle switch terminals, if a load is applied to the terminals, there may be loosening, deformation, and deterioration of electrical characteristics due to different conditions. Please be careful when using it.
    2. When using through-hole printed circuit boards and non-recommended circuit boards, the effects of thermal stress will change, so please fully confirm the soldering conditions in advance.
    3. When welding twice, please do it after the first welding part returns to normal temperature. Continuous heating may deform the periphery, loosen terminals, fall off, and reduce electrical characteristics.
    4. Regarding the setting of welding conditions, it is necessary to confirm the actual mass production conditions.
    5. The product is designed and manufactured on the premise of DC resistance load. When using other loads [inductive load, capacitive load], please confirm separately.
    6. For the mounting holes and patterns of the printed circuit board, please refer to the recommended dimensions described in the product drawing.
    7. The switch should be used for the structure where the switch is directly operated by humans. Do not use it for mechanical detection functions.
    8. When the toggle switch is operated, if a load above the specified value is applied, the switch may be damaged. Be careful not to apply more than the specified force on the switch.
    9. Please avoid the use of pressing the operating part from the side.
    10. For the flat shaft rod type, press the center of the switch as much as possible. For the hinge structure, the pressing position of the shaft will move when pressed, please pay special attention.
    11. After the switch is installed, please contact a professional when passing through the regenerative hardening furnace due to the hardening of the adhesive of other parts.
    12. If corrosive gas is generated from the surrounding materials of the whole machine using the switch, it may cause problems such as poor contact, so please fully confirm in advance.
    13. The carbon contact point has the characteristic that the contact resistance changes due to the pressing load. When used in a voltage divider circuit, etc., please use it after sufficient confirmation.
    14. Regarding models other than the enclosed type, please pay attention to the intrusion of foreign matter.
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