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    3000VA Control Transformer, 440/460/480V to 120/24V

    This best industrial control transformer has 3000VA power rating, 1- phase, and step down the 440/460/480V three sets of primary voltages to 120/24V dual secondary voltage, it is usually used in machine tool working as local lighting, power of indicator light or the machine control electric appliance.
    SKU: ATO-T-BK3000VA
    Delivery date: 6-20 days

    3kVA single phase control transformer, converting 440/460/480V input to 120/24V output, fully electric isolation between primary side and secondary sides, is suitable for circuit of AC 50/60Hz and rated voltage 500V and below.


    Product Name Single phase control transformer 
    Product Model ATOBK-3000VA
    Winding Material Enameled copper wire or enameled aluminum wire
    Capacity 3000 VA
    Primary Voltage (VAC) 110, 120, 208, 220, 230, 240, 380, 400, 480, 110/220, 120/240, 240/480, 220/380/480V, 440/460/480V...(Customized)
    Secondary Voltage (VAC) 6, 12, 24, 36, 48, 110/48, 120/24, 208/36, 220/48, 230/36, 240/120, 120/24/12, 110/36/24, 127/36/6, 208/48/36/24...(Customized)
    Frequency 50 / 60Hz
    Insulation Level F / H
    Withstand Voltage Test Primary to secondary 2.5KV/min
    Primary to safety ground 2.5KV/min
    Secondary to safety ground 1.5KV/min
    Insulation Resistance Primary to secondary 2500V>100 megohm
    Primary to safety ground 2500V>100 megohm
    Secondary to safety ground 1500V>100 megohm
    Induction Withstand Voltage Test 125Hz/ 800V/min
    Ground Resistance 25<A80 milliohm
    Cooling Method Natural or air cooling
    Transformation Ratio <3%
    Air Carrying Current <6%
    Impedance Voltage about 6%
    Total Losses 0.1
    Efficiency 80%~99%
    Operating Temperature -25℃~40℃ (40℃, 93% RH, 56 days)
    Storage Temperature -25℃~100℃ (40℃, 93% RH, 56 days)
    Certificate CE, ISO
    Warranty 12 months
    Size Overall size: 192*175*190mm, Hold distance for installation: 140*160mm, Installation hold: 17*8mm
    Weight 30kg

    Schematic diagram illustration

    Control transformer schematic diagram illustration

     Control transformer dimension

    Control transformer dimension

    Overall size (mm) Hole distance for installation (mm) Installation hole
    (mm) K x J
    B E D A C
    192 175 190 140 160 17 x 8


    1. Transformer no load operation:

    The no-load operation of the transformer refers to the working state that the primary winding of the transformer is connected to the power supply and the secondary winding is open circuited. At this time, the current in the primary winding is called the no-load current of the transformer. No load current produces no-load magnetic field. The electromotive force is induced in the primary and secondary windings under the action of the main magnetic field (i.e. the magnetic field of the primary and secondary windings are linked at the same time).

    During no-load operation of the transformer, although there is no power output at the secondary side, the primary side still draws part of the active power from the grid to compensate for the hysteresis loss and eddy current loss caused in the core due to flux saturation, which is called iron loss for short. The magnitude of the hysteresis loss depends on the frequency of the power supply and the area of the hysteresis loop of the core material; the eddy current loss is proportional to the maximum flux density and the square of the frequency. In addition, there is copper consumption caused by no-load current. For different capacity transformers, the magnitude of no-load current and no-load loss is different. So when using transformer, we must choose suitable capacity.

    2. Transformer load operation:

    Load operation of transformer refers to the working condition when the primary winding is connected to the power supply voltage and the secondary winding is connected to the load. At this time, the secondary side of the transformer also has current flow, the access circuit of the original transformer increases correspondingly compared with no-load, and the voltage of the secondary side will be affected by the load and change.

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