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    Automatic Transfer Switch, 3/4 Pole, 6 to 63 Amps

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    Low price and compact size dual power automatic transfer switch (ATS) with high-breaking mini circuit breaker, selectable rated operating current 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 63A, works at 400VAC 50Hz/ 60Hz power supply system, 3-pole or 4-pole ATS changeover switch, reliable automatic and manual operation, simple structure, easy operation and long service life.
    SKU: ATO-ATS-063
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    • Suitable for 400V AC 50Hz power supply system with current ratings from 6 to 63 amps.
    • Automatic transfer switch is available with 3 Pole or 4 Pole.
    • ATS has overload, short circuit protection, and comes with function of output closing signal.
    • With the function of normal power ON, dual power OFF, standby power ON.
    • Adopting high performance micro circuit breaker, with circuit breaker breaking capacity and characteristics.
    • Simple structure, easy & reliable operation, no noise, small impact, and long service life
    • Suitable for the illuminating circuits of commercial buildings, shopping mall, banks, and high-rise buildings where the power supply can not be cut off for a long time.


    Model ATO-GCQ2
    Use Category AC-33iB
    Rated Operational Voltage Ue 400V AC
    Rated Operational Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Rated Operational Current Ie (Optional) 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 63A
    Switching Control Voltage 220V AC
    Rated Insulation Voltage Ui 690V AC
    Service Life  Electrical 1,500 Times
    Mechanical 6,000 Times
    Rated Short-circuit Making Capacity Icm 7.5kA
    Rated Ultimate Breaking Capacity Icu 5kA
    Transfer Action Time ≤3s
    Number of Poles (Optional) 3-Pole or 4-Pole
    Rated Impact Withstand Voltage 8kV
    Operation Mode Auto & Manual
    Conversion Method Auto switch and auto reset
    Display Function LED indicator
    Environment Altitude < 2000m for the installation site
    Ambient Temperature -5℃-+40℃, the average less than +35℃ for 24 hours
    Relative Humidity RH≤ 50% at the maximum ambient temperature of +40℃;
    Higher relative humidity is allowable under lower temperature, for example, RH could be 90% at +20℃.
    (Please note that the measures shall be taken for the condensation occasionally with the temperature change.)
    Standards Compliance to IEC947-6-1, GB/T140848.11
    Pollution Degree Class 3
    Mounting Conditions It shall be mounted on the place where has no impact and vibration, no snow and rain.
    The upper terminals are connected to power source, and downside terminals are connected to the load.
    The sloping angle against the vertical shall be less than 5°.
    The outer magnetic field around the mounting site shall not exceed 5 times of earth field.
    Weight  2.3kg
    Dimensions  See below

    ATS Transfer Switch 6A-63A Dimensions

    Type Overall Dimensions (mm) Mounting Dimensions (mm)
    L W H L1 W1 Hole
    3-pole ATS 185 137 118 165 122 M6
    4-pole ATS 220 137 118 196 122 M6


    6-63 Amps Automatic Transfer Switch Details

    Wiring Diagram

    • 3-Pole ATS
    Note: For 3-Pole ATS transfer switch, the neutral lines of common power supply and standby power supply must be connected to the corresponding terminal 3 and terminal 6 respectively, otherwise the ATS can not be automatically switched.
    3-Pole Automatic Transfer Switch Wiring Diagram

     4-Pole ATS

    4-Pole Auto Transfer Switch Wiring Diagram

     ATS Output Indicator Terminal Wiring Diagram
    Automatic Transfer Switch Indicator Terminal Wiring

    Tips: What's dual power automatic transfer switch?

    The automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a switch to transfer between two power sources. It is constituted by one or several change-over switching equipment and other necessary apparatuses. It is used to detect the power circuit. In addition, it changes over one or several load circuits from one power supply to the other power supply.

    For the use of dual power automatic transfer switch, briefly, it is connected with one utility power and one backup power. When the utility power suddenly fails, it will be transfer to the backup power supply automatically through the ATS (at the small load, the backup power supply can be supplied by the generator) to enable the equipment to operate normally. The most common application is the elevator, fire protection and monitoring. The condition is the same to the UPS uninterruptible power supply of the bank. However, its backup is the battery set. It is used in some factories and mines or units with loads of class I category and class II category.

    In this video, it will show how ATO 4-pole automatic transfer switch changeover between the mains and standby power supplies in the manual & auto mode.

    Existing reviews of Automatic Transfer Switch, 3/4 Pole, 6 to 63 Amps
    Some question of auto transfer switch data
    Hope you are doing well.
    We’ve purchased a bulk quality of ATO for couple of ongoing projects and there is an query from our end customer about the input supply rating.
    Customers incoming power supply
    From: natalia | Date: 15/06/2023
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    ATO Responded
    The voltage of power supply can not exceed 400v, the voltage of 440v is too high.
    We think that the voltage is too high and the internal relay has burned out.
    Works flawlessly
    This ATC works perfectly well with my project. The switch over is very fast with nothing going off. A very good device!
    From: Stults | Date: 29/06/2022
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    Do you provide 460v / 230v Automatic Transfer Switch?
    Do you provide 460v / 230v Automatic Transfer Switch?
    From: Robin | Date: 14/09/2020
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    ATO Responded
    No, our ATS max operating voltage is 400V.
    Great ATS transfer switch
    Got a 4-pole transfer switch for my small generator with 40 Amp rating. As I like doing some arduino, It is simple to install and use. It works both in manual and automatic mode. Great product.
    From: Albert | Date: 16/01/2020
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    This switch works as advertised.
    This auto transfer switch is easy to install and operate according to the instruction, but it is a little expansive. Nevertheless, this switch works as advertised.
    From: James Martinez | Date: 19/07/2018
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    ATO Responded
    Dear Martinez, thanks a lot for your ordering on This ATS switch has its significant advantage, able to operated manually or automatically with monitoring function.  So, believe your choice and its high performance is worth this price. :) Of course, to get a discout, here are some methods for your reference:
    Good auto transfer switch
    The ATS is good. Just I had a little problem with installation, but it was solved with the help of customer service. Thanks.
    From: Walid | Date: 20/06/2018
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    Works as described.
    I bought this 63 amp ATS for switching between the solar and main power at my house. First I tested this ATS for several times before installation. Works as described.
    From: Jacob | Date: 12/06/2018
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