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    Automatic Transfer Switch, 4 Pole, 100/160/250 Amps

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    Auto transfer switch (ATS) is available with rated current 100 amp, 160 amp and 250 amp, 4-Pole transfer switch, used in the distribution system with rated voltage 400V AC 50Hz, with functions of full auto, forcedly switching off “0” position, remote control and manual emergency operation etc. Fast switch on and off the circuit or transfer between dual power sources, to achieve the safe isolation.
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    • Suitable for operating in the distribution system of rated voltage 400V AC 50Hz, and conventional thermal current up to 250 Amperes.
    • With the function of voltage detection, forcedly switching off “0” position, manual emergency operation, etc.
    • ATS is widely used to transfer between normal power and standby power or two loading equipment, or performs safe isolation and so on.
    • Automatic transfer switch is integrated with switching function and logic control, truly achieving electromechanical integration function.


    Model ATO-ZMQ5
    Rated Operating Voltage Ue 400V AC
    Rated Operating Frequency 50Hz
    Rated Insulation Voltage Ue 690V AC
    Coventional Thermal Current (Amp) 100A 160A 250A
    Rated Insulation Voltage Ui 750V
    Rated Impulse Withstand Current Uimp 8kV
    Rated Operating Current Ie (Amp) AC-31A 100A 160A 250A
    AC-35A 100A 160A 250A
    AC-33A 100A 160A 250A
    Rated Short Time Withstand Current Icw 7kV 9kV
    Rated Short-circuit Current Limit 100kA
    Control Supply Voltage 220V AC
    Transfer Time 0.5s 1s 1.1s
    Number of Poles 4-Pole
    ATS Controller Mode (Optional) * Type Ⅰ Full auto
    Type Ⅱ Full auto + forcedly switching off "0" position
    Type Ⅲ Full auto + remote control
    Standards Compliance to IEC6094-6-1, GB14048.11-2008
    Weight 18kg 30kg 39kg
    Dimensions See below

    * For the specific functions of ATS controller mode, please check below:

    • Full auto
      When normal power is off, the ATS will automatically transfer to standby power; when normal power recovers, ATS will auto-transfer back to normal power.
    • Forcedly switching off “0” position
      Push “0” button forcedly, and ATS will cut off two loops of power supply.
    • Remote control
      Push “I” button, and normal power will be in service; push “II” button, and backup power will be put into use; push “0” button, and two loops of power supply will be cut off.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    100A/160A/250A Auto Transfer Switch Dimensions

    Type A A1 B B1 C E G J K L N P R S T U W X Y Y1
    100A/4P 247 244 106 105 134 143 115 233.5 84 7 74.5 30 14 18 2.5 105 126 Φ6 36 86
    160A/4P 322 300 135 128 230 189 145 284 102 7 91 36 20 25 3.5 127 158 Φ9 55 125
    250A/4P 406 362 170 142 261 208 145 343 102 7 91 50 25 30 3.5 142 168 Φ11 60 145

    Wiring Diagram & Mounting Method

    1. Wiring diagram

    Auto Transfer Switch Wiring Diagram

    2. Mounting method

    Auto Transfer Switch Mounting Methods

    ATS Structure

    1. Electric key
    Switch on/off the power source of control circuit in the ATS. When the electric lock is switched on, ATS can execute the full auto operation, remote control, and forcedly switching off “0” operation; when electric lock is off, ATS can only be operated manually.

    2. Operating handle
    Before using the operating handle, please be sure to turn off the electric lock.

    3. Padlock
    Special for inspection and repair, namely, first make the ATS in “0” position by the operating handle, pull the padlock to lock for security reasons, and then carry out the inspection and repair. (When the padlock is locked, it cuts off power source of inner control circuit, thus ATS cannot be operated neither automatically or manually.)

    4. Indication part
    Indicate the working positions: I, 0, II.

    250A Auto Transfer Switch Structure

    Tips: Transfer time of automatic transfer switch

    When the ATS switches to the standby power supply, there is a delay, which is mainly used in the conversion from the main power supply to the standby power supply. However, some electrical equipment has strict requirements on the conversion time of the double-power automatic transfer switch, so the transfer time of the dual-power automatic switch selection must be considered. The following are some requirements of switching time for some electrical equipment for automatic transfer switch.

    1. If the dual-power automatic transfer switch has the function of self-switching and self-replicating, when the main power supply resumes, the automatic transfer switch shall switch back to the main power supply after delay.

    2. Double-power automatic transfer switch generally is not allowed to changeover large motor or high inductive load. Such load switching in operation, when the phase difference between the two power supplies is large, the motor will be subject to huge mechanical stress. At the same time, the overcurrent caused by the back potential generated by the motor will cause fuse blown or circuit breaker trip. Therefore, when the automatic transfer switch used for large motor or high inductive load conversion, the two groups of moving contacts should add a delay time before conversion, that is, the delay conversion type dual power automatic switch should be selected, and the delay time shall be determined according to the load situation.

    3. When the generator set is used as the emergency lighting power supply, the total time for starting the generator and power conversion shall not be greater than 15s.

    4. When the low-voltage distribution system in the substation is operated in sections by a single bus and busbar switch is set, the total action time of the automatic transfer switch should be coordinated with the setting value of the action time set by the busbar switch in the substation, which should be more than 0.5-1 second. The action time of busbar switch in the substation is mostly 2.5s, and the total action time of automatic transfer switch should be more than 3s.


    This video will give you an overview of ATO Automatic Transfer Switch, 4 Pole, 100/160/250 Amps.

    Existing reviews of Automatic Transfer Switch, 4 Pole, 100/160/250 Amps
    Excellent transfer switch
    This 4-pole ATC has now been in my TT solar set up for 5 months and it's working as intended. The thing I really like about this switch is that the switchover is instant. I purposely left my computer on while switching from shore power to inverter power and the computer stayed running. Amazing!
    From: Sapello | Date: 30/05/2022
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    Had looked for this type of switch for a long time for use at our cabin in remote and deep woods in Americal about an hour from a major city. I've had this for 1 years now and it continues to work flawlessly.
    From: wjl | Date: 21/04/2022
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    Connection of your 160 amps automatic transfer switch
    I have a question about the connection of your this type of 160 amps ATS, in electrical control connection does it require additional connection for being automatic?
    From: Charles | Date: 13/04/2020
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    ATO Responded
    No additional connections are required for being automatic. Just select Type 1 for ATS controller model, which means full auto, So:-
    When normal power is off, the ATS will automatically transfer to standby power.
    when normal power recovers, ATS will auto-transfer back to normal power.
    Very solid transfer switch.
    Very solid transfer switch. I’ve connected it to the mains as common power and my generator as backup power. No problem with the wiring. Both the manual and automatic changeover work as expected.
    From: Kiel | Date: 17/03/2020
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    Good transfer switch, easy to install and use.
    Excellent product. Easy to install and easy to use. I have already made several times test and it worked as advertised. Very simple to transfer from the main to generator power and back.
    From: David | Date: 15/11/2018
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