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    2000 Amp Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch, 4 Pole

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    High quality and cheap price double power automatic transfer switch with 2000 amp rated current. 120 kA rated limited short-circuit current and 50 kA rated short-time withstand current of this 4 pole automatic changeover switch. Automatic power transfer switch often used in residential area, military facility and hospital.
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    ATS automatic transfer switch with 2000 amp rated current for sale online. Storage temperature between -30 ℃ and 80 ℃. Auto changeover switch widely used in hospital, military facility and residential area.


    • With the function of normal power ON, dual power OFF, standby power ON.
    • Adopting high performance micro circuit breaker, with circuit breaker breaking capacity and characteristics.
    • Simple structure, easy and reliable operation, no noise and long service life.
    • Suitable for the illuminating circuits of commercial buildings, shopping mall, banks, and high-rise buildings where the power supply can not be cut off for a long time.


    • Model: GCQ4-125/4P-2000A
    • Rated Current: 2000A
    • Number of Poles: 4P
    • Rated Insulation Voltage: 1000V
    • Rated Shock Withstand Voltage: 12 kV
    • Rated Working Voltage: AC 400V
    • Rated Marking Capacity: 10 Ie
    • Rated Breaking Capacity: 8 Ie
    • Rated Limit Short-circuit Current: 120 kA
    • Rated Short-time Withstand Current: 50 kA
    • Change-over Time: 1.8s
    • Normal Rated Power: 120W
    • Working Temperature: -25 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
    • Storage Temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +80 ℃
    • Weight: 84 kg


    2000 Amp Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch Details

    Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch Structure:

    Dual power automatic transfer switch structure

    Terminal Connection Method:

    Use the screw driver use force downwards as the picture indicated direction,the line imbedding as the picture shows.

    Terminal connection method of automatic transfer switch

    Tips: How Do Automatic Transfer Switches Benefit Business?

    • Power reliability. If for any reason at all you lose access to power, your business stops dead in its tracks. And while a generator can mitigate this a bit, without a transfer switch you have to manually connect your generator to the operations. This chore not only eats up loads of time, resulting in downtime, it also limits the function of your generator.
    • Safety. Handling any source of power at all can yield detrimental results. Employees can be harmed by a sudden outage, and handling a manual generator hookup can be disastrous, especially in the dark. A transfer switch handles all of your needs all on its own, removing the dangers.
    • Simplified operations. Upon the installation of your automatic transfer switch, specific operations are chosen to be automatically powered. This can be everything from your lights, to HVAC systems, industrial equipment, or even refrigerators. This process drastically simplifies restoring power and improves the function of your generator as well.
    Existing reviews of 2000 Amp Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch, 4 Pole
    Question on install
    we are ready to order the ATS but we must know how to make a panel to mount the unit. Once we understand how to mount the panel, then we get the panel made.
    You should understand that the manual handle must be outside of the panel cover. Also 3 sets of cables of 2000A capacity must come in the panel.
    If you have any picture of ATS with a panel please send that will help.
    From: Phill | Date: 17/10/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1. Sorry, this is a customized product. We can only provide similar pictures for your reference.
    It is usually installed in an electrical cabinet: 1000*800*2000mm (W*D*H)

    2. The ATS 2000A you purchased has a large capacity and is not suitable for making holes in the door panel and then using an extension rod to switch.
    We recommend that you install a push button switch on the door panel to switch between regular power and backup power.
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