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    3200 Amp Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch, 4 Pole

    Economical price double power auto transfer switch with 3200 amp rated current for sale online. 2.4s change-over time and AC 440V rated working voltage of this auto transfer switch. Storage temperature between -30 ℃ and 80 ℃. Automatic power switch often used in airport, shopping mall, hospotal and military facility.
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    High performance double power auto transfer switch with 3200 amp rated current. Automatic transfer switch price is reasonable. Fast switch on and off the circuit or transfer between dual power sources, to achieve the safe isolation.


    • With the function of normal power ON, dual power OFF, standby power ON.
    • Adopting high performance micro circuit breaker, with circuit breaker breaking capacity and characteristics.
    • Simple structure, easy and reliable operation, no noise and long service life.
    • Suitable for the illuminating circuits of commercial buildings, shopping mall, banks, and high-rise buildings where the power supply can not be cut off for a long time.


    • Model: GCQ4-125/4P-3200A
    • Rated Current: 3200A
    • Number of Poles: 4P
    • Rated Insulation Voltage: 1000V
    • Rated Shock Withstand Voltage: 12 kV
    • Rated Working Voltage: AC 400V
    • Rated Marking Capacity: 10 Ie
    • Rated Breaking Capacity: 8 Ie
    • Rated Limit Short-circuit Current: 120 kA
    • Rated Short-time Withstand Current: 55 kA
    • Change-over Time: 2.4s
    • Normal Rated Power: 120W
    • Working Temperature: -25 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
    • Storage Temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +80 ℃
    • Weight: 105 kg


    3200 Amp Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch Details

    Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch Structure:

    Dual power automatic transfer switch structure

    Terminal Connection Method:

    Use the screw driver use force downwards as the picture indicated direction,the line imbedding as the picture shows.

    Terminal connection method of automatic transfer switch

    Tips: Advantages of Automatic Transfer Switch

    The advantages of an automatic transfer switch include the following.

    • Dual power ATS is reliable, simple, and secure.
    • Auto changeover switch is required for uninterrupted electrical supply.
    • Dual power automatic transfer switch is ideal for efficiently switching to generator power.
    • The main benefit of this switch is to transfer the power of the load to the generator automatically.
    • Automatic power transfer switch includes in-built sensors for detecting any fluctuations within the frequency of the main power supply and voltage.
    • ATS automatic transfer switch has a time delay mechanism, which attempts to guard both the generator device and your electric circuits against the fluctuations within power.
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