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    Automatic Transfer Switch, 2 Pole, 20A/32A/40A/50A

    Compact 2 pole automatic transfer switch (ATS) for sale online. It equipped with optional rated operating current 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A, and 63A, suitable for a 400VAC 50Hz/60Hz power supply system. Low price dual power automatic changeover switch has a reliable automatic and manual operation, simple structure and easy operation.
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    Good price dual power 2 pole ATS switch is both an automatic changeover switch and manual transfer switch, with selectable 16A/20A/25A/32A/40A/50A/63A rated current, ideal for a 400VAC 50Hz/60Hz power supply system.


    • Suitable for 400V AC 50Hz power supply system with current ratings from 16 to 63 amps.
    • Automatic transfer switch is available with 2 Pole.
    • ATS has overload, short circuit protection, and comes with the function of output closing signal.
    • With the function of normal power ON, dual power OFF, and standby power ON.
    • Adopting high-performance micro circuit breaker, with circuit breaker breaking capacity and characteristics.
    • Simple structure, easy & reliable operation, no noise, small impact, and long service life
    • Suitable for the illuminating circuits of commercial buildings, shopping malls, banks, and high-rise buildings where the power supply can not be cut off for a long time.


    • Product Model: ATO-GCQ2
    • Pole: 2 Pole
    • Rated Operational Current Ie (Optional): 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 63A
    • Working Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
    • Rated Voltage: AC 400V
    • Working Voltage: AC 220V
    • Display Function: Indicator Light Display
    • Product Size: 150mm*138mm*115mm
    • Operation Mode: Automatic and Manual
    • ATS Level: Cb Level
    • Conversion Time: ≤2S
    • Usage Level: AC-33iB
    • Conversion Method: Auto Switch and Auto Reset
    • Standards: Compliance to IEC947-6-1, GB/T140848.11

    Dimension (Unit:mm)
    ATS transfer switch dimension


    16A-63A automatic transfer switch details

    Wiring Diagram

    2 Pole automatic transfer switch wiring diagram

    ATS Output Indicator Terminal Wiring Diagram
    Automatic Transfer Switch Indicator Terminal Wiring


    1. When the transfer switch is level three, please connect the neutral line to Terminal 3 and 6. The indicator light is AC 220V output. The external power supply is strictly prohibited.
    2. Connect Terminal 1 and 3 for common power supply instructions, and connect terminal 2 and 3 for common closing instructions.
    3. Connect Terminal 4 and 6 for backup power indication and terminals 5 and 6 for backup closing indication.
    4. If there is no indicator light on the cabinet door panel, no wiring is required.

    Tips: 2 Pole Automatic Transfer Switch vs. 4 Pole Automatic Transfer Switch

    A 2 Pole Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and a 4 Pole ATS are both crucial components in power distribution systems, especially during power outages. The main difference lies in the number of poles, which refers to the number of conductors or paths for electrical current.

    A 2 Pole ATS is designed to transfer power between two sources, typically the main power supply and a backup generator. It switches the hot conductors (L1 and L2) between these sources, ensuring a seamless transition during power disruptions. This configuration is suitable for single-phase systems.

    On the other hand, a 4 Pole ATS adds pair of conductors, often referred to as L3 and N (neutral). This is common in three-phase systems where three hot conductors are present. The extra poles allow for the transfer of all three phases and the neutral simultaneously, providing comprehensive power switching in more complex setups.

    In summary, the choice between a 2 Pole and a 4 Pole ATS depends on the electrical system's configuration. For single-phase systems, a 2 Pole ATS is adequate, while three-phase systems benefit from the enhanced capabilities of a 4 Pole ATS.

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