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    Lighted Rocker Switch, 4 Pin

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    12V waterproof rocker switch, 4 pins, mechanical life 50 thousand times, LED light emitting color red or green, when the switch is turned on, the LED light will be on, key material aluminum alloy, beautiful appearance.
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    Metal rocker switch, with led light, waterproof, red or green LED light, 4 pin, specially designed for panel switch, flame retardant and high temperature resistance, long service life.

    Model ATO-RS-KCD5
    Rated Current 16A
    Rated Voltage 12V/24V
    Terminals Number 4 Pin
    Luminous Color Red / Green
    Rated Current ≤ 20mA
    Wiring Pin pin wiring
    Contact Resistance ≤50mΩ
    Withstand Voltage 3000VAC 1 min
    Rated Range 16A 250VAC
    Hole Size 28 x 10.5mm
    Protection Level IP65
    Button Material Aluminum alloy
    Insulation Resistance ≥1000mΩ
    Mechanical Life 50,000 Cycles
    Shell Material PC
    Operating Force 8N
    Base Material High flame retardant PA66
    Environmental Temperature -30℃~80℃
    LED Lamp Life 40,000 Hours
    Certificate CE
    Warranty 12 Months

    4 Pin Lighted Rocker Switch Dimension
    lighted rocker switch dimension
    Lighted rocker switch hole size
    What is a high-quality rocker switch?

    1. Difficult to rust
    The metal part of the rocker switch is not made of ordinary metal but stainless steel, so it is very difficult to show rust and other phenomena. If you find that the device is showing rust during use or purchase, you should replace it in time or prevent the purchase. The product will show you various problems when you use it.

    2. The thickness of the copper sheet is high
    In order to increase the current passing ability, the ship switch manufacturer thickened the thickness of the copper sheet, and not only improved the management of the current passing, but also reduced the resistance and oxidation resistance of the copper sheet squeak. This should be very simple to look at when purchasing. Of course, it does not mean that the thicker the better, the key still depends on the quality of the copper. Customers are expected to pay careful attention when purchasing products.

    3. Strong toughness
    The toughness of the general rocker switch is relatively strong, especially the part of the socket is very difficult to show such phenomena as deformation, so it can be ensured that the proper bite force can be maintained after the insertion is completed.

    ATO rocker switch is resistant to high pressure and corrosion, has good waterproof effect, is not easy to rust, and has strong toughness. It is an ideal choice for household appliances switches.

    Existing reviews of Lighted Rocker Switch, 4 Pin
    Great! seem to work well.
    I replaced a bad switch in a leaf shredder with one of these and it works great. Very solid feeling 'click' when you toggle it.
    From: Alvin | Date: 05/12/2023
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