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    Waterproof Lighted Rocker Switch

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    2 Position red lighted rocker switch, IP65 waterproof design, on off switch 3 pin, single pole single throw lamp, dedicated to household appliances industrial equipment.
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    Waterproof green/red rocker switch, single pole single throw with lamp, rating 16A, AC250V, 3 pins, 2 position on/off, bright indicator light.

    Model ATO-RS-KCD111NF4
    Rated Current 16A
    Rated Voltage 220V
    Terminals Number 3 Pin
    Contact Resistance ≤50mΩ
    Withstand Voltage 1500VAC 1 min
    Rated Range 16A 250VAC
    Relative Humidity <95%
    Protection Level IP65
    Terminal Insertion Force ≥80N
    Insulation Resistance ≥1000mΩ
    Electrical Life Time 10,000 Cycles
    Flame Retardant Requirements UL94-V2
    Operating Force 2N-8N
    Welding Welding temperature ≤320℃, welding time ≤3 seconds
    Illuminated Voltage Use ≤48V, allow fluctuation ±5%, use ≥48V, allow fluctuation ±25%
    Certificate UL, CE
    Warranty 12 Months

    Waterproof Lighted Rocker Switch Dimension
    Waterproof lighted rocker switch dimension
    Waterproof Rocker Switch Hole Size Installation
    Waterproof rocker switch hole size installation
    Waterproof Rocker Switch Applications
    Waterproof rocker switch applications
    Tips: How to choose a rocker switch?

    Choose a rocker switch to see the appearance. The panels of high-quality rocker switches and sockets should be made of high-grade plastic products, which look uniform in raw materials and have a smooth and textured surface.

    Choose a ship-shaped switch with a good internal structure. High-quality ship-shaped switches generally use pure silver contacts and conductive sheets made of silver-copper composite materials, which can prevent the arc from being oxidized during opening and closing. The conductive bridge of the excellent panel is made of silver-nickel-copper composite material. The silver material has excellent electrical conductivity, and the silver-nickel alloy is very capable of restraining electric arcs. This ensures that the switch can be opened and closed more than 80,000 times, far exceeding the international standard of 40,000 times. The excellent switch is made of brass screws for crimping. The contact surface is large and good, the crimping ability is strong, and the wiring is stable and reliable. The single-hole wiring copper post has a large wiring capacity and is not restricted by the diameter of the wire.

    When purchasing a rocker switch, the safety of the socket must be considered. The safety protection door of the socket is indispensable. You should try to choose products with a protection door when choosing the socket. Secondly, check the tightness of the socket clip. Smooth insertion force is an important factor.

    Existing reviews of Waterproof Lighted Rocker Switch
    High-quality waterproof lighted rocker switch
    I use this waterproof lighted rocker switch on home appliances and it works very well. Its design with light can be seen even in the dark, and its waterproof function makes it usable in the aquarium.
    From: Rande | Date: 24/11/2021
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