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    1000VA 120V/220V UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

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    Uninterruptible power supply or UPS power supply, 1kVA/600W capacity, line interactive, provides battery backup for computers, servers, office networks, with 220V/120V AC output voltage. Brand new, high quality and inexpensive price.
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    1000VA / 600 Watts UPS is an uninterruptible power source with simple and compact design, low noise and long backup time and mainly used in computer, office equipment, test equipment, light system, safe alarm system, ray equipment, medical equipment, copymachine, numerical control machine tools, industrial automation equipment, color and drying equipment, Hi-Fi equipment etc.

    1kVA UPS Specification

    Basics Model ATO-BE-1000
    Rated Capacity 1000VA/600W
    Phase Single Phase (L, N, G)
    * NOT
    support the split phase (L1, L2 + G) like USA standard.
    Type Line Interactive
    Weight 10kg
    Size 380*140*215mm
    Input Input Voltage Range 172-275V AC/ 85-135V AC
    Nominal Input Voltage 220V/230V/240V/110V/120V AC
    Input Frequency 45-65Hz
    Output Norminal Output Voltage 220V/120V AC
    Output Voltage Range (Normal Mode) 220V/120V AC±10%
    Output Voltage Range (Battery Mode) 220V/120V AC±10% (Modified Sine Wave)
    Output Frequency (Normal Mode) Synchronized (Sine Wave)
    Output Frequency (Battery Mode) 50/60Hz±0.2%
    Wave Form Modified Sine Wave
    Power Factor 0.9
    Output Socket Universal socket
    Efficiency >90%
    Transfer Time <10ms
    Batteries & Runtime Battery Type Maintenance-free lead-acid battery
    Battery Modules (NOT Included) 12V*7Ah*1pcs/12V
    (Battery size: 150*90*60mm)
    Backup Time (full/half load) 5 Minutes Backup time; for long backup mode, it depends on outside battery
    Charge Time <12 hours (90%)
    Protection Overload Protection Automatic shut down when overload is within 110~130% after 10 seconds
    Shut down after 300ms when above 130%
    Others Peak Ratio for Load 3:1 (Max.)
    Distortion Rate (full load) Linear Load <3%
    Distortion Rate (full load) Non-linear Load <6%
    Communication Software NETCCA POWER
    Operating Environment Working Temperature 0°C~40°C
    Relative Humidity 20~90% Non-condensing


    1. The UPS input/output configuration is 1-phase (L, N, G) like Europe standard, NOT support the split phase (L1, L2 + G) like USA standard.

    2. If you need other output voltage range, please contact us.


    1000VA UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply Details

    Tips: Construction of 1000VA UPS Power Supply

    The UPS power supply or uninterruptible power supply consists of five parts, the power input circuits including main circuit, bypass circuit, battery and others, the rectifier (REC) for AC/DC converting, the inverter (INV) for DC/AC converting, the inverter and bypass output switching circuit, as well as the battery.

    The voltage stabilization function of 1kVA UPS system is usually done by the rectifier. The rectifier adopts silicon control or high-frequency switch rectifier. It has the function of controlling output amplitude according to the change of external electricity, so that when external electricity changes (this change should meet the requirement of the system), the voltage with output amplitude is basically unchanged. 

    The purification function of the UPS power supply is completed by the energy storage battery. Because the rectifier’s interference on instantaneous impulse cannot be eliminated, there still exists interfering impulse of the voltage after rectification. In addition to the function of direct-current and direct energy storing, the storing battery is just as if to be connected by a large container capacitor for the rectifier. The size of the equivalent capacitance is in proportion to the capacity of energy storage battery. Because the voltage at both ends of capacitor is not mutable, it means that it plays the role of purification (also called the shielding of interference) by the smoothness properties of the capacitor on the pulse to eliminate the impulse interference.

    The stabilization of frequency of 1000VA uninterruptible power supply is accomplished by the converter and the frequency stability depends on stability degree of converter oscillation frequency.

    Existing reviews of 1000VA 120V/220V UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply
    Simple to install
    Purchased the 1000VA UOS. Good battery, easy-to-read backlight and simple installation. Intended uses are HTPCs, home theater audio equipment, and routers to account for any intermittent power fluctuations that occur on my rural grid.
    From: Rodkey | Date: 17/05/2022
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    Good for my home office
    I bought this 1000VA UPS for my home office as a backup motor. It currently runs my router and printer. The power has been cut off once, and it works well. I recommend it to anyone who wants to buy an economical UPS.
    From: Taylor | Date: 28/04/2022
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    No problems
    Great backup batteries. It has sufficient capacity, small and compact size, and can accommodate all adapters you need to insert. I've been using it for two weeks without any problems.
    From: Vinod | Date: 27/04/2022
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    1000VA uninterruptible power supply output socket
    Hi, I am looking for a 600W UPS, and I have a question about your product. What is the type of output socket and can you customize it as required?
    From: Gob | Date: 02/03/2020
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    ATO Responded
    Hi. The output sockets of our UPS power supplies are universal socket, which can be suitable for all kinds of plugs available all over the world.
    Great battery backup
    I purchased this for personal use and it is great battery backup for my network when there is a power surge or outage. The UPS is perfect in size to me and there is no problem for installation. Simple but works.
    From: Shane | Date: 04/07/2019
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