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    1500VA UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

    1500VA/900W UPS battery backup, offline UPS, Tower, best uninterruptible power source for computers during power outage with AVR and short-circuit and overload protection. Alarm sound and light flash can indicate power loss or low battery.
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    UPS Features

    • Wide input voltage range
    • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)
    • Automatic transfer to battery-powered mode when input overvoltage, under-voltage
    • Output short circuit or overload protection
    • Automatic shutdown if the battery runs out and auto power on after the mains supply is recovered


    Model ATO-MT1500
    Input Voltage Range 160~280V AC
    Input Frequency 50/60Hz
    Input Power Factor 0.98
    Output Power Capacity 1500VA/900W
    Output Voltage Range 220V AC ± 10% (auto sensing)
    Output frequency 50/60Hz
    UPS Topology Standby/Offline
    Waveform Type Sine wave under mains supply; square wave under battery supply
    Transfer Time ≤10ms
    Overload Protection Fuse for overload & short circuit
    Short-circuit Protection UPS output cut off immediately
    Battery & Runtime
    Type Maintenance-free sealed Lead-Acid battery
    Battery Rated Voltage 36V DC
    Battery Quantity 12V/7Ah x 3 pcs
    Battery Run Time 10-15 Min (1 PC load)
    Typical Recharge Time 8 hrs
    Battery Maintenance Normally battery is charged once every three months, no less than 6 hours a time.
    Size (LxWxH) 430*145.6*215mm
    Weight 16.8kg
    Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃
    Operating Relative Humidity 0%~90% non condensing
    Noise( 1m from front panel) ≤35dB
    Form Factor Tower
    Audible Alarm
    Battery supply power Sufficient battery capacity: the buzzer rings every 4 seconds, with red light flashing.
    Insufficient battery capacity: the buzzer rings every 1 second, with red light flashing.
    Battery in low voltage or overload/short circuit Buzzer keeps ringing, and red light on.

    Tips: Classification of UPS
    UPS is divided into three categories: standby, online and online interaction.
    The most commonly used type is standby UPS, which has the most basic and most important functions of UPS, such as automatic voltage stabilization, power-off protection. Although there is generally about 10ms conversion time, it is widely used in microcomputer, peripherals, POS machines and other fields because of its simple structure, low cost and high reliability.
    The on-line UPS has a complex structure, but its performance is perfect. Its remarkable characteristic is to continuously output the pure sine wave AC power with zero interruption. It can solve all the problems of peak, surge, frequency drift and other power supply problems. Due to its larger cost, it is usually used in critical equipment and network centers with strict electric requirement.
    Online interactive UPS, compared with the backup, has the function of filtering and strong anti electric interference ability. Its conversion time is less than 4ms and the inverter output is analog sine wave. So, it can be equipped with servers, routers and other network devices, or in a relatively harsh environment in power supply.

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