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    3000VA Online UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Uninterruptible power supply with 3KVA/2.4kW, single phase, sine wave online tower UPS, designed to used as battery backup for most electronics with PFC power supply, and wide range of input voltage and frequency, high performance and good quality.
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    3000VA/2400W Uninterruptible Power Supply, single phase online UPS, provides battery backup and quality power protection for most of electronics like computer, network router, audio and vedio etc. during blackouts, to make sure it runs safe and reliably.

    UPS Features

    • DSP digital control technology
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Active input power factor correction (PFC)
    • Wide range of input voltage and frequency
    • Zero power switch delay
    • Adaptive load management
    • Sufficient expansion slots
    • The load PFC is 0.8
    • Support the generator


    Model ATO-ST3K
    Input Voltage Range 115~300V AC
    Input Frequency 40~60Hz (Adjustable)
    Output Power Capacity 3000VA/2400W
    Output Voltage Range 220/230V AC (1± 2%)
    Output frequency Synchronize with mains power (mains power mode); 50/60Hz ± 0.2Hz (battery mode)
    UPS Topology Online
    Waveform Type Sine wave
    Transfer Time 0
    On-load Factor 0.8
    Output Voltage Distortion ≤4%
    Load Crest Factor 3:1
    Overload Rating 125% overload for 1 minute
    Battery & Runtime
    Type Maintenance-free Lead-Acid battery
    Battery Rated Voltage 96V DC
    Battery Quantity 8 pcs
    Battery Run Time More than 11min (half load)
    Typical Recharge Time 8 hrs
    Size (LxWxH) 425*190*328mm
    Weight 27.5kg
    Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃
    Operating Relative Humidity 20%~90% non condensing
    Noise( 1m from front panel) ≤50dB
    Form Factor Tower
    Communications & Management
    Interface Port(s) RS232
    Control panel LCD display

    Tips: Use and maintenance of UPS
    1. Maintain the appropriate ambient temperature
    The important factors affecting the life service of battery is ambient temperature. Although the increase in temperature increases the discharge capacity of the battery, the life service of the battery is greatly shortened.
    2. Regular charging and discharging
    The battery will remain in the floating charge environment for a long time if it is in the use environment of high electric quality and few power failures, thus causing the decrease of the activity of mutual transformation of battery chemical energy and electric energy, acceleration of its aging and shortening of its life service. Therefore, it should be discharged completely every 2-3 months. The discharging time depends on the battery capacity and the load. After the discharging of a full load, the battery should be charged for at 8 hours as provided.
    3. Communication function
    Most large and medium UPS have operational performance with microcomputer communication and program control.The corresponding software is installed on the microcomputer, which is connected to UPS by series or parallel port. You can use microcomputer to communicate with UPS during the operation of this procedure.Generally, it has the functions of information inquiry, parameter setting, timing setting, automatic shutdown and alarm. It is convenient for the use management of UPS power and battery through these intelligent operations.
    4. Timely replacement of waste or bad battery
    In the continuous operation of UPS, due to the difference in performance and quality, it is inevitable that the performance of individual batteries will decline, and the storage capacity will not meet the requirements.When a battery or some batteries are damaged in the battery pack, the maintenance staff should check and test each battery to remove the damaged battery. The same type battery of the same manufacturer should be replaced. The acid battery, sealing the battery, or batteries of different specifications are not allowed to be used together.

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