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    10kVA 120V/220V UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

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    Uninterruptible Power Supply, 10kVA/8kW, line interactive UPS, provides a reliable battery backup for critical devices like PC, servers, networks against power surges and outages. High reliability yet low cost 10kVA UPS is available with input and output voltages of AC 220V/120V for choice.
    SKU: ATO-UPS-10K
    Delivery date: 10-20 days


    10kVA/8000 Watts UPS is an uninterruptible power supply to provide emergency power to a load, and it is mainly used in computer, office equipment, test equipment, light system, safe alarm system, ray equipment, medical equipment, copymachine, numerical control machine tools, industrial automation equipment, color and drying equipment, Hi-Fi equipment etc.

    10kVA/8000W UPS Specification

    Basic Model ATO-BE-10K
    Rated Capacity 8000W/10kVA
    Phase Single Phase (L, N, G)
    * NOT
    support the split phase (L1, L2 + G) like USA standard.
    UPS Type Line Interactive
    Weight 80kg
    Size 540*270*590mm
    Input Input Voltage Range 172-275V AC/ 85-135V AC
    Nominal Input Voltage 220V/230V/240V/110V/120V AC
    Input Frequency 45-65Hz
    Output Norminal Output Voltage 220V/120V AC
    Output Voltage Range (Normal Mode) 220V/120V AC±10%
    Output Voltage Range (Battery Mode) 220V/120V AC±10% (Modified Sine Wave)
    Output Frequency (Normal Mode) Synchronized (Sine Wave)
    Output Frequency (Battery Mode) 50/60Hz±0.2%
    Wave Form Modified Sine Wave
    Power Factor 0.9
    Output Socket Universal socket
    Efficiency >90%
    Transfer Time 6-8ms
    Batteries & Runtime Battery Type Maintenance-free lead-acid battery
    Battery Modules (NOT Included) 12V*12Ah*8pcs/96V
    (Battery size: 150*90*60mm)
    Backup Time (full/half load) 5 minutes backup time; for long backup mode, it depends on outside batteries
    Charge Time <12 hours (90%)
    Protection Overload Protection Automatic shut down when overload is within 110~130%
    Shut down after 300ms when above 130%
    Others Peak Ratio for Load 3:1 (Max.)
    Distortion Rate (full load) Linear Load <3%
    Distortion Rate (full load) Non-linear Load <6%
    Communication Software NETCCA POWER
    Operating Environment Working Temperature 0°C~40°C
    Relative Humidity 20~90% Non-condensing


    1. The UPS input/output configuration is 1-phase (L, N, G) like Europe standard, NOT support the split phase (L1, L2 + G) like USA standard.

    2. If you need other output voltage range, please contact us.

    Tips: Troubshooting UPS - the battery voltage is low but the battery cannot be charged for more than 10 hours.

    Judging from the phenomenon, it is the fault of battery and charging circuit, which can be inspected according to the following procedures.

    1. Check whether the input and output voltage of the UPS charging circuit is normal. 
    2. If the charging circuit is in normal input and abnormal output, disconnect the UPS battery to test again. If it is still abnormal, it is the fault of the charging circuit.
    3. If the charging circuit has normal input and output after the battery is disconnected, it indicates that the UPS battery has been damaged because of the long term charging, long time placement, due life period.
    Existing reviews of 10kVA 120V/220V UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply
    10kva single phase UPS
    For your 10kva single phase UPS with input 220v frequency 50-60hz and output 220v, is it manufactured to be connected to external batteries?
    From: Ken | Date: 29/04/2020
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    ATO Responded
    Hi Ken. There are no restrictions on the use of external batteries, and also you can configure enough batteries to run the UPS for longer backup time than the UPS with batteries inside without any issues.
    I'm looking to purchase a UPS pack...
    I'm looking to purchase a UPS pack that can output 230v supporting 7kva computer system, with an input of 120v. Is this something you are able to supply.
    From: Kamil | Date: 01/06/2020
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, we can provide the UPS which can cover your specs as follows:
    Power capacity: 10kVA
    Input: 120V (90-130V)
    Output: 1-phase (L, N, G) 230V
    High quality 10kVA UPS
    I am interested to see if this 10kVA UPS will work with a battery bank I have already. It has 64 batteries and was designed for an Eaton 8KVA. Also open to suggestions, if you have something that might work for me to use this external battery. I can rewire the battery bank as necessary.
    From: Voll | Date: 09/08/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, the customer can use his battery bank connect to our 10kva ups, no problem. If he provides more information about 64 batteries, like voltage(12VDC or 24VDC) and capacity of battery(AH), that would be better.
    Batteries Price
    I am interested in this UPS on the other hand I would like to have an estimate of the price of the batteries.
    From: abdel | Date: 03/11/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Sorry, our courier can't send the battery right now.
    High quality and long service life
    I used this for 3 years. It was a solid UPS that seemed to do all it was supposed to. Couldn't have been happier. Highly recommend to anyone who need it!
    From: zhl | Date: 26/04/2022
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    Works as expected
    This is the first time to buy an uninterruptible power supply, and the instructions are very clear. Luckily I got it set up correctly. Since I have relatively few power outages here, I use it as a backup battery.
    From: Couchman | Date: 27/04/2022
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