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    6 Phase Relay Tester, Microcomputer Control

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    6 Phase relay tester, microcomputer control, cheap price, 6 phase voltage output, equipped with WindowsXP interface, ultra-thin industrial keyboard and optical mouse, easy to operate. Output voltage is 110V (1A) and 220V (0.6A) respectively for use in relays or protection devices that require DC operating power.
    SKU: ATO-RT1200
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    Intelligent 6 phase relay tester, low price, microcomputer control, 6 phase relay tester, can be used for a variety of relays and protective devices, a variety of microcomputer protection, transformer differential protection and standby self-switching devices.


    Setting Range Model ATO-RT1200
    DC Power Output 110V 220V
    6-Phase ac(L-N) 0-30A
    3-phase ac(L-N) 0-60A   
    1-phase ac(L-N) 0-180A
    6-phase dc(L-N) 0-10A
    3-phase dc(L-N) 0-20A
    1-phase dc(L-N) 0-60A
    Power 6-phase ac 6*260VA/W
    3-phase ac 3*400VA/W
    1-phase ac 1*1080VA/W
    6-phase dc 6*180VA/W
    3-phase dc 3*320VA/W
    1-phase dc 1*780VA/W
    General Accuracy <0.2%
    Distortion ≤0. 5%
    Resolution 4.0mV
    Frequency Range Sine Signal DC 1000Hz
    Transient Signal DC 3000Hz
    Frequency Accuracy 0.01%
    Frequency Resolution 0.01Hz
    Phase Angle Range -360~+360
    Phase Angle Accuracy 0.1
    Digital Input Number 10
    Input Characteristic 10-250VDC or free contact
    Time Resolution 1m/s
    Max Measuring time 9999s
    Digital Output Type Freerelay Contact
    Number 8
    Break Capacity ac 0.5A, 250V
    Break Capacity dc 0.5A, 60Vdc
    General Nominal Supply voltage 240Vac
    Permissible Supply Voltage 220~264Vac
    Nominal Frequency 50/60Hz
    Permissible Frequency 45~65Hz
    Operating Temperature -5~+50℃
    PC-Connection USB
    Ground Socket 4mm Banana socket
    Weight (Combined with case) 50kg
    Warranty 36 Months


    1. 6 Phase relay test equipment meet all test requirements on site. The 6-phase microcomputer relay protection tester has a standard six-phase current, six-phase voltage output simultaneously, current 30A/phase, voltage 125V/phase. The six-phase current can be connected in parallel to 180A.
    2. Classic WindowsXP operation interface, friendly man-machine interface, easy and fast operation, high-performance embedded industrial control computer and 8.4-inch TFT true color display with resolution of 800×600, can provide rich and intuitive information, including equipment Current working status and various help information.
    3. The native Windows XP system comes with a recovery function to avoid system crashes caused by illegal shutdown or misoperation. Equipped with an ultra-thin industrial keyboard and optical mouse, you can perform various operations through the keyboard or mouse just like an ordinary PC.
    4. The main control board adopts DSP+FPGA structure and 16-bit DAC output. It can generate high-density sine waves of 2000 points per week for the fundamental wave, which greatly improves the quality of the waveform and improves the accuracy of the tester.
    5. The power amplifier adopts high-fidelity linear power amplifier, which not only ensures the accuracy of small current, but also ensures the stability of large current.
    6. The 6-phase microcomputer relay protection tester uses the USB interface to directly communicate with the PC, without any adapter wiring, and is convenient to use. Can be connected to a laptop (optional) to run. The laptop and the industrial computer use the same software, no need to re-learn the operation method.
    7. 6 phase protection relay test set equipped with independent dedicated DC auxiliary voltage source output, the output voltage is 110V (1A) and 220V (0.6A) respectively. Used for relays or protection devices that require DC operating power.
    8. With software self-aligning function, it avoids the need to open the chassis to adjust the accuracy by adjusting the potentiometer, thus greatly improving the stability of accuracy.

    Tips: AC-DC power output

    The 6 Phase relay tester is equipped with a dedicated adjustable DC power output on the bottom plate of the chassis, which is divided into two levels of 110V and 220V, which can be used as an auxiliary power supply for field test. A potentiometer is also provided for the power supply, which can be adjusted within the range of 80%-110%. The rated working current of the power supply is 1.5A, which can be used as the DC working power supply for the protection device or as the power supply for the trip circuit. If the power supply is overloaded or short-circuited, it will burn out the corresponding insurance (2A/250V). At this time, replace the fuse.

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    Easy to use and read
    Very good product, well-made and solid, the screen is clear and easy to read. The interface is very easy to use. I will buy it again!
    From: George | Date: 08/04/2022
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