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    Rectangular Laser Sensor, Presence/Distance Detection, 200mm/50m

    Low price laser sensor has rectangular ABS housing with small outer size 22*11*31mm, laser spot size 1mm, power supply 10-30VDC, protection class IP67, can be used for object presence/ distance/ contour measurement, material/ liquid level detection and control, linearity correction, vehicle wheel speed/ vibration/ bounce measurement. The rectangular diffuse reflection type and through beam type laser sensor have respective detection range of 200mm/50m.
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    Laser sensor with rectangular ABS housing (22*11*31mm), 1mm spot size, diffuse reflection/through beam detection mode and NPN/PNP NO/NC output mode for selection.


    Model ATO-LASES-Q31
    Shipping weight 2kg
    Outer size 22*11*31mm
    Detection of spot size 1mm
    Detection mode * Diffuse reflection type, through beam type
    Detection range Diffuse reflection type: Sn=200mm, through beam type: Sn=50m
    Light source Infrared ray LED (880nm)
    The laser beam is invisible. The laser spot is visible.
    Output mode * NPN NO, NPN NC, PNP NO, PNP NC
    Power supply 10-30VDC
    No-load current <10mA
    Maximum load current 150mA
    Leakage current <0.01mA
    Voltage drop <1V
    Switching frequency 120Hz
    Response time 0.1ms
    Switching hysteresis <15% (sr)
    Repeat accuracy <1.0% (sr)
    Protection class IP67
    Environment humidity 35-95%
    Operating temperature -5~+50℃ (23~122℉)
    Temperature drift <10% (sr)
    Short circuit protection Yes
    Indicator light Yes
    Housing material ABS
    Connection method Direct lead wire
    Cable length 2m

    Note: The detection range of diffuse reflection laser sensor can be adjusted by the knob (Clockwise rotation for adding distance, anticlockwise rotation for reducing distance). The detection range of through beam laser sensor can be adjusted by the distance of projector and receiver.
    Dimension (unit: mm):
    Rectangular diffuse reflection/through beam laser sensor dimension
    Wiring diagram:
    Rectangular diffuse reflection/through beam laser sensor wiring diagram

    Tips: Application of laser sensor - Automatic Collision Avoidance System
    In general, most existing automatic collision avoidance systems use laser distance sensors. The laser sensor uses a laser beam to identify the distance between a car and a target car driving in front or behind it in a non-contact manner. When the distance between the cars is less than the predetermined safe distance, the automatic collision avoidance system of the car makes an emergency brake on the car, or issues an alarm to the driver. The car collision avoidance system can make real-time judgment and response to the car driving by integrating the target car speed, car distance, car braking distance, response time and other factors, which can greatly reduce driving accidents. Especially when used on the highway, the advantages of the car collision avoidance system will be more obvious.

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