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    Laser Sensor, Displacement/RPM Measurement, M12, 200mm/100m

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    M12 laser sensor for displacement/rpm measurement adopts diffuse reflection or through beam detection mode. The through beam laser sensor has the detection range of 100m, and the diffuse reflection laser sensor has 200mm detection range. High accuracy laser sensor has power supply 10-30VDC, protection class IP67, laser spot size 4mm and stainless steel detection head with thread size M12*1mm.
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    Laser sensor with M12*1mm metal detection head, 4mm spot size, diffuse reflection/through beam detection mode and NPN/PNP NO/NC output mode for selection.


    Model ATO-LASES-M12
    Shipping weight 2kg
    Thread size M12*1mm
    Detection of spot size 4mm
    Detection mode * Diffuse reflection type, through beam type
    Detection range Diffuse reflection type: Sn=100mm, Sn=200mm; through beam type: Sn=100m
    Light source Infrared ray LED (880nm)
    The laser beam is invisible. The laser spot is visible.
    Output mode * NPN NO, NPN NC, PNP NO, PNP NC
    Power supply 10-30VDC
    No-load current <10mA
    Maximum load current 150mA
    Leakage current <0.01mA
    Voltage drop <1V
    Switching frequency 120Hz
    Response time 0.1ms
    Switching hysteresis <15% (sr)
    Repeat accuracy <1.0% (sr)
    Protection class IP67
    Environment humidity 35-95%
    Operating temperature -5~+50℃ (23~122℉)
    Temperature drift <10% (sr)
    Short circuit protection Yes
    Indicator light Yes
    Housing material 304 stainless steel
    Connection method Direct lead wire
    Cable length 2m

    Note: The detection range of diffuse reflection laser sensor can be adjusted by the knob (Clockwise rotation for adding distance, anticlockwise rotation for reducing distance). The detection range of through beam laser sensor can be adjusted by the distance of projector and receiver.
    Dimension (diffuse reflection type, unit: mm):
    M12 laser sensor for displacement measurement dimensional drawing
    Wiring diagram:
    Diffuse reflection/through beam laser sensor M12 wiring diagram

    Tips: Applications of laser displacement sensors

    1. Presence determination: Position identification of tiny parts; monitoring of the presence or absence of parts on conveyor belts; detection of material overlap and coverage.
    2. Thickness measurement of metal flakes and thin plates: Laser sensors measure the thickness of metal flakes (thin plates). Thickness change detection can help find wrinkles, small holes or overlaps to avoid machine failure.
    3. Length measurement: Put the measured component on the conveyor belt at the specified position, the laser sensor detects the component and measures it at the same time with the triggered laser scanner, and finally the length of the component is obtained.
    4. Measurement of cylinder barrel: Simultaneous measurement of angle, length, eccentricity of inner and outer diameters, conicity, concentricity and surface profile.
    5. Inspection of uniformity: Put several laser sensors in a row in the inclination direction of the movement of the workpiece to be measured, and directly output the measurement value through one sensor. In addition, software can be used to calculate the measurement value and read out results based on signals or data.
    6. Inspection of electronic components: Use two laser scanners to place the component under test between the two, and finally read the data through the sensor, so as to detect the accuracy and integrity of the size of the component.
    7. Inspection of the filling level on the production line: The laser displacement sensor is integrated into the manufacturing of the filling product. When the filling product passes the sensor, it can be detected whether it is full. The laser sensor can accurately identify whether the filling of the filling product is acceptable and the quantity of the product with the extension of the laser beam reflecting surface.
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    The use effect is very good, there is no problem at all
    We use it to detect objects in logistics, there is no problem in using it, and I will definitely buy it again.
    From: Carrillo | Date: 29/10/2021
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