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    Laser Sensor, Speed/Depth Measurement, M6, Range 150mm/50m

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    High precision laser sensor has 304 stainless steel detection head and plastic protective sleeve, thread size M6*0.5mm, fast response time 0.1ms, laser spot size 1.2mm, can be used for speed, depth, length, displacement, position measurement. The diffuse reflection M6 laser sensor has 150mm detection range, while the through beam laser sensor has the linear detection range of 50m.
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    Laser sensor with M6*0.5mm metal detection head, 1.2mm spot size, diffuse reflection/through beam detection mode and NPN/PNP NO/NC output mode for selection.


    Model ATO-LASES-M6
    Shipping weight 2kg
    Thread size M6*0.5mm
    Detection of spot size 1.2mm
    Detection mode * Diffuse reflection type, through beam type
    Detection range Diffuse reflection type: Sn=150mm, Sn=200mm; through beam type: Sn=50m
    Light source Infrared ray LED (880nm)
    The laser beam is invisible. The laser spot is visible.
    Output mode * NPN NO, NPN NC, PNP NO, PNP NC
    Power supply 10-30VDC
    No-load current <9mA
    Maximum load current 150mA
    Leakage current <0.01mA
    Voltage drop <1V
    Switching frequency 120Hz
    Response time 0.1ms
    Switching hysteresis <15% (sr)
    Repeat accuracy <1.0% (sr)
    Protection class IP67
    Environment humidity 35-95%
    Operating temperature -5~+50℃ (23~122℉)
    Temperature drift <10% (sr)
    Short circuit protection Yes
    Indicator light Yes
    Housing material 304 stainless steel (detector), plastic (connector protective sleeve)
    Connection method Direct lead wire
    Cable length 2m

    Note: The detection range of diffuse reflection laser sensor can be adjusted by the knob on the box (Clockwise rotation for adding distance, anticlockwise rotation for reducing distance). The detection range of through beam laser sensor can be adjusted by the distance of projector and receiver.
    Dimension (diffuse reflection type, unit: mm):
    Diffuse reflection laser sensor M6 dimensional drawing
    Wiring diagram:
    Diffuse reflection/through beam laser sensor M6 wiring diagram

    Tips: Laser sensor vs. photoelectric sensor
    Laser sensors can be used where other technologies cannot. For example, when the target is very close, ordinary photoelectric sensors that calculate the reflected light from the target can also perform a large number of precise position detection tasks. However, when the target is far away or the color of the target changes, it is difficult for ordinary photoelectric sensors to deal with it.
    While advanced background noise suppression sensors and triangulation sensors work well when the color of the target changes, their performance becomes less predictable when the target angle is not fixed or when the target is too bright. In addition, ordinary photoelectric sensors with triangulation measurement are generally limited to within 0.5m measuring range.

    Existing reviews of Laser Sensor, Speed/Depth Measurement, M6, Range 150mm/50m
    Laser sensor is installed to the machine and broken
    We order a laser sensor. The sensor is installed to the machine and broken after about 10 days of operation. Please let us know if the warranty policy is valid in this case?
    From: Guyenng | Date: 08/08/2022
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    ATO Responded
    Please let us know how it is broken. Is it crashed or there is no signal during operation? Please provide us with video or pictures for confirmation. We will solve the issue asap based on the information you provide.
    This laser sensor is sturdy and well built
    This laser sensor is sturdy and well built. It was mounted securely and precisely. So far, it works as expected. It is highly directional and the narrow laser continuously hits the small target accurately.
    From: Ryan | Date: 04/05/2022
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