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    100A DC Contactor, single pole, 12V/24V/48V

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    High performance 100A DC contactor with one normally open contact, and available with two optional auxiliary contacts. Coil rated voltage with 12V/24V/48V for selection, main contact voltage drop at 100A, not above 100mV.
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    The single pole 100A contactor, SPST-NO contact form, has been designed for direct current loads, particularly for electric vehicle, telecommunication equiment, car batteries, trains, ships, electronic control system.


    • 100 amps rated load current of contact circuit.
    • 12V, 24V, 48V DC coil rated voltage for selection.
    • Continuous operation duty.
    • Easy and quick installation, available any way to install.
    • Mechanical life up to 300 thousand times.


    Basics Model ATO-AZJ100
    Body Size 70*44*68 mm
    Weight 260 g
    Technical Parameters Coil Rated Voltage 12V/24V/48V
    Rated Load Voltage 12~72V DC
    Contact Circuit Rated Load Current 100 A
    Contact Form 1 NO
    Overload Current ≤7 le
    Coil Power ≤6.5 W
    Main contact voltage drop at 100A ≤100 mV
    The Allowed Range of Coil Voltage ±20%
    Pull-In Time (N/O Contacts to Open) ≤30 ms
    Drop-Out Time (N/O Contact to Close) ≤20 ms
    Insulation Resistance ≥50 MΩ
    Work Duty Continuous
    Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 50Hz/60Hz 1500VAC/Min
    Auxiliary Contact Rated Load (Option) 2A/48VDC, 5A/24VDC
    Electric Life Continuous 20000 times
    Mechanical Life 300 thousand times
    Environment Operating Temperature -25℃~55℃
    Operating Humidity 5~95% RH
    International Protection IP 50

    DC Contactor Circuit Diagram
    100A dc contactor circuit diagram
    Installation Diagram (Unit: mm)
    dc contactor 100a dimensionTips: Contactor series and parallel connection

    Many power consumption equipment are single-phase load, therefore, several poles of the multipole contactor can be used in parallel, such as the electric resistance furnace, welder transformer. When several poles are used in parallel, a small capacity contactor can be selected. However, it has to be noticed that the heating current of parallel contactor is not completely proportional to the number of parallel poles. Because the resistance value of moving and static contact loop may not be equal, thus the flowing current may not the averagely distributed. Therefore, the current could only be increased by 1.8 times for bipolar parallel and by 2~2.4 times for triode parallel.
    Moreover, various polar contacts can't connect or disconnect at a same time after parallel connection, so the connection and breaking ability can't be improved.
    Sometimes, several contacts of the contactor can be used in series. Due to the increase of contact fracture, the arc is divided into many segments, thus improving the arc extinguishing ability and accelerating arc quenching. When several contactor are connected in series, the working voltage could be enhanced, but it can’t exceed the rated insulation voltage. Agreed heating current and rated working current of the contactor would not change after a series connection.

    Existing reviews of 100A DC Contactor, single pole, 12V/24V/48V
    Works great
    It is simple to install this DC conductor if you have an electrical background. I bought this conductor for my motor home. 12 volt battery banks can put out a lot of current. You can also choose 24V or 48V to output as you need. It is a fair price for the quality!
    From: pribula | Date: 07/03/2019
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