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    100A High Voltage DC Contactor, 12V/24V coil

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    The ATO-ADH100 contactor is specially design to meet the requirements of high voltage DC switching applications. Available with 12V or 24V coils, SPST-NO contact form, 100A rated load current of contact circuit, DC 12-900V rated load voltage.
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    • DC 12-900V rated load voltage of contact circuit.
    • normally open type (SPST-NO), 12 volt, 24 volt coil for selection.
    • Main contact voltage drop at 100A, not above 100mV.
    • The connection of contact and coil need to be nonpolarity.
    • Efficient coil, retentive power is only 2-2.3W, counter electromotive force is 0V.
    • The joint way of the coil is very convenient.
    • The coil has no counter force of electromagnetism.
    • Compare to the similar products, this product is smallest and lightest.


    Basics Model ATO-ADH100
    Dimension 55 x 42 x 62 mm
    Weight 230 g
    Main Contact Parameters Contact Form 1 NO
    Leading-Out M5 internal thread/18 mm
    Rated Load Current 100 A
    Rated Load Voltage 12 – 900V DC
    Maximum Switching Current 1000A 320V DC (≥1 times)
    Maximum Switching Power 320 kW
    Rated Electric Life 10,000 times
    Coil Parameters Standard Type Voltage 12V DC 24V DC
    Work Voltage 9~16V 18~32 V
    Max Voltage 16 V 32 V
    Coil Resistance 26 Ω 96 Ω
    Average Holding Current 0.46 A 0.25 A
    Steady State Power 5.5 W 6 W
    Actuation Time ≤25 ms
    Release Time ≤10 ms
    Bounce Time ≤5 ms
    Mechanical Specification Stability 196 m/s2 (20G)
    Strength 490 m/s2 (50G)
    Vibration 80 ~2000Hz 98m/s2 (20G)
    IP Grade IP67
    Environment Operating Temperature -40℃~85℃
    Operating Humidity 5~95% RH

    Installation Diagram (Unit: mm)
    high voltage 50a dc contactor dimension 1high voltage 50a dc contactor dimension 2High Voltage DC Contactor Coil Schematic
    high voltage dc contactor coil schematic


    100A High Voltage DC Contactor Details

    Tips: Contacts of DC contactor
    In the selection of a DC contactor, control method of the application circuit shall be considered firstly, as well as the role of the contactor in the circuit, because the main contact of DC contactor includes two types of single and double. Single contact contactor is mainly used in electric system, or other independent variable current systems, its functions are: 1 Ready to run; 2 Quickly cut off main circuit in case of accident state. Therefore, the rated current, rated voltage and arc breaking capacity of the contactor must meet the system requirements. Double contacts contactor is mainly used for non independent power supply system or bilateral system, pay attention to the rated current, rated voltage and arc breaking capacity. Finally, the coil suction voltage shall comply with the requirements of operating system. When the suction coil is large, add RC absorption loop to prevent the self-inducing potential to break through itself or relevant equipment.

    Existing reviews of 100A High Voltage DC Contactor, 12V/24V coil
    What is the 100A high voltage DC contactor?
    I want to ask if your 100A high voltage DC contactor ADH150/900-E has a gas or vacuum filled arc chamber?
    From: Jodie | Date: 03/08/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Our ADH series of DC contactors have inert gas in the arc chamber.
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