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    200A High Voltage DC Contactor, 12V/24V coil

    High voltage DC contactor, built in energy saving coil, available with 12V or 24V DC, normally open type (SPST-NO), main contact rated load current is 200 amps, operating voltage up to 900V, maximum switching power up to 640 kW.
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    ATO 200A high voltage DC contactors with 12v or 24v coil is widely used in the DC high voltage field, such as electric car, hybrid electric vehicle, fuel cell vehicle, construction machinery, photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, battery charging system, DC power supply control system.
    200A High Voltage DC Contactor Features

    • DC 12-900V rated load voltage of contact circuit.
    • Normally open type (SPST-NO) of contact form.
    • Main contact voltage drop at 200A, not above 100mV.
    • The connection of contact and coil need to be nonpolarity.
    • Efficient coil, retentive power is only 2-2.3W, counter electromotive force is 0V.
    • The joint way of the coil is very convenient.
    • The coil has no counter force of electromagnetism.
    • Compare to the similar products, this product is smallest and lightest.

    200A High Voltage DC Contactor Specifications

    Basics Model ATO-ADH200
    Dimension 80 x 65 x 74 mm
    Weight 470 g
    Main Contact Parameters Contact Form 1 NO
    Leading-Out M8 Internal thread
    Rated Load Current 200 A
    Rated Load Voltage 12 – 900V DC
    Maximum Switching Current 2000A 320V DC (≥1 times)
    Maximum Switching Power 640 kW
    Coil Parameters Standard Type Voltage 12/24V DC
    Work Voltage 8~36V
    Max Voltage 36 V
    Coil Resistance 3.1Ω
    Average Holding Current 0.14 A
    Steady State Power 1.7~2 W
    Actuation Time ≤30 ms
    Release Time ≤10 ms
    Bounce Time ≤5 ms
    Mechanical Specification Stability 196 m/s2 (20G)
    Strength 490 m/s2 (50G)
    Vibration 80 ~2000Hz 98m/s2 (20G)
    IP Grade IP67
    Environment Operating Temperature -40℃~85℃
    Operating Humidity 5~95% RH

    200A DC Contactor Installation Diagram
    high voltage 150a dc contactor dimension 1high voltage 150a dc contactor dimension 2High Voltage DC Contactor Coil Schematic
    high voltage dc contactor coil schematicTips: Why AC contactor and DC contactor can not be used interchangeably?

    1. AC contactor can be used to replace DC contactor in emergency, however, the pick-up time can't exceed 2 hours (Because the heat dissipation of AC coils is poorer than the DC coils, this is determined by their different structures.) If the AC contactor would be used for a long time, a resistance had better to be connect with the AC coil in series. Conversely, the DC contactor can’t be used to replace AC contactor.
    2. AC contactor has fewer turns while DC contactor has more, which can be distinguished from the volume of coils. If the current is too large in the main circuit (such as Ie>250), the contactor shall adopt a series duplex winding coil. The reactance of the coils of a DC contactor is large and the current is small. When it is connected with an AC, it will not break. However, coils of an AC contactor have small reactance and large current, so when the coils are connected with a DC, they will be damaged.
    3. AC contactor has fewer turns and smaller resistance, when the coils are connected with an AC, a larger inductance will be produced, which is far greater than the coil resistance, excitation current of the coils is mainly determined by the inductance. If the coils are connected with a DC, then the coils will become a pure resistance load, the current flowing through the coil will be quite large, which may heat the coils, or even burn the coils. So, the AC contactor can’t be used as a DC contactor.
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