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    250A High Voltage DC Contactor, 12V/24V coil

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    250A rated load current, main contact normal open (SPST-NO), available with 12V or 24V DC coil, switch rated loads at both low and high voltage from 12 to 900V DC. High voltage contactors offers exceptional performance in an extremely small and lightweight device.
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    • DC 12-900V rated load voltage of contact circuit.
    • SPST-NO of contact form, 12 volt, 24 volt coil for selecting.
    • Main contact voltage drop at 250A, not above 100mV.
    • The connection of contact and coil need to be nonpolarity.
    • Efficient coil, retentive power is only 2-2.3W, counter electromotive force is 0V.
    • The joint way of the coil is very convenient.
    • The coil has no counter force of electromagnetism.
    • Compare to the similar products, this product is smallest and lightest.


    Basics Model ATO-ADH250
    Dimension 80 x 65 x 74 mm
    Weight 480 g
    Main Contact Parameters Contact Form 1 NO
    Leading-Out M10 Internal thread
    Rated Load Current 250 A
    Rated Load Voltage 12 – 900V DC
    Maximum Switching Current 2000A 320V DC (≥1 times)
    Maximum Switching Power 640 kW
    Coil Parameters Standard Type Voltage 12/24V DC
    Work Voltage 8~36V
    Max Voltage 36 V
    Coil Resistance 3.1Ω
    Average Holding Current 0.14 A
    Steady State Power 1.7~2 W
    Actuation Time ≤30 ms
    Release Time ≤10 ms
    Bounce Time ≤5 ms
    Mechanical Specification Stability 196 m/s2 (20G)
    Strength 490 m/s2 (50G)
    Vibration 80 ~2000Hz 98m/s2 (20G)
    IP Grade IP67
    Environment Operating Temperature -40℃~85℃
    Operating Humidity 5~95% RH

    Installation Diagram (Unit: mm)
    high voltage 150a dc contactor dimension 1
    high voltage 150a dc contactor dimension 2High Voltage DC Contactor Coil Schematic
    high voltage dc contactor coil schematic


    250A High Voltage DC Contactor Details

    Tips: The contactor makes large noise when it works, how to solve?
    Possible causes of the fault

    1. The contactor works in high temperature for a long time.
    2. The contactor is frequently operated.
    3. Contact over range is too small.
    4. The contact surface has impurities or is not smooth.
    5. Pressure of contact spring is too small.
    6. The three phase contact can't contact synchronously; short circuit at the load side. 

    Maintenance method

    1. Measure with a multimeter whether the power supply voltage of a contactor coil is lower than the required rated voltage, if lower, find causes on the circuit and adjust the voltage to the normal value.
    2. Grind the suction face of the contactor with fine sand paper, clean up the sundries, spray few oil on the end face when necessary and then reassemble.
    3. Reassemble and repair the contactor's action mechanism.
    4. Weld the short-circuit ring and connect again.
    5. Replace the contactor's iron core.
    6. Reset the spring pressure of the contactor to a proper value.
    Existing reviews of 250A High Voltage DC Contactor, 12V/24V coil
    Contactor size
    How can I size your soft starter bypass contactor?
    From: Viral | Date: 12/07/2021
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    ATO Responded
    The ampere rating of the contactor is generally 1.5-2 times the rated current of the motor.
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