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    40 Amps Isolator Switch, 3 Pole/ 4 Pole

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    3 Pole isolator switch rated current 40 amps, rated insulation voltage 690V, small size and light weight, cheap price and perfect quality. It’s widely used in the distribution system and automatic system of architecture, electrical power, petrochemical, and other industries.
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    Low cost disconnect switch rate with 40A, 3 pole or 4 pole to choose from, dielectric strength 5000V, rated insulation voltage 690V. Compact size easy connection, high performance and long electrical life.
    In this video, we delve into the world of load break switches, mechanical devices capable of being operated while under load. We'll explore their functionality, applications in electrical systems, and provide a detailed breakdown of their features to equip you with a thorough comprehension of their advantages.

    40 Amp Isolator Switch Specification

    Basics Model ATOHGL-40A
    Pole 3 Pole/4 Pole
    Weight 3 Pole 0.40 kg
    4 Pole 0.42 kg
    Technical Parameters Rated current 40A
    Rated insulation voltage Ui 690V
    Dielectric strength 1890V
    Rated surge-resistant voltage Uimp kV (installed category IV) 8
    Rated working current le 380V AC-21 40A
    AC-22 40A
    AC-23 40A
    660V AC-21 40A
    AC-22 32A
    DC-23 25A
    220V DC-21 21A
    DC-22 40A
    DC-23 40A
    Motor power P (380V) kW 380V 160 kW
    660V 185 kW
    Rated short-time withstand current lcw (kA rms) 0.1s/ 1.0s 2
    Rated breaking capability Icn (Arms) AC23 380VA 320
    Rated making capacity Icm (Arms) AC23 380V 400
    Rated short-current making capacity Icm' (Kapeak value) 7.5
    Mechanical durability (number of cyclic operation) 10000
    Electric durability Ue=660V, Rated current COSφ=0.65AC22 1700
    COSφ=0.35AC23 100
    COSφ=0.95AC21 500
    Working Environment Moment of operation 1.2 Nm
    Temperature -5℃~+55℃
    Way of working Continuously working
    Operating Handle
    Installation form Vertical
    Altitude ≤2000m
    Pollution level 3
    Overvoltage level
    IP level IP 20


    63A isolator switch dimension

    Operation Mode

    Load Isolator Disconnect Switch


    40 Amps Isolator Switch Details

    Tips: How to use an isolating switch?

    1. When operating the isolating switch, first check that the circuit breaker of the corresponding circuit is indeed in the off position to prevent the isolating switch from being pulled and closed with load.
    2. When the line is stopped and the power is transmitted, the isolation switch must be opened and closed in order. During power outage operation, the circuit breaker must be pulled first, then the line side isolating switch, and then the bus side isolating switch. The sequence of power transmission operation is opposite to that of power failure. This is because in the event of misoperation, the scope of the accident can be reduced in the above order to avoid man-made accidents from expanding to the bus.
    3. During operation, if serious defects such as serious damage to the insulator or the transmission rod of the isolating switch are found, no operation is allowed.
    4. During the operation of the isolating switch, there should be personnel on duty to check the opening and closing positions, synchronization conditions, contact depth and other items phase by phase at the scene to ensure that the isolating switch has the correct action and position.
    5. The isolation switch should generally be operated in the main control room. When the remote control electrical operation fails, manual or electric operation can be carried out on-site, but the permission of the station master or technical person in charge must be obtained and the operation can be carried out under the condition of on-site supervision.
    6. Electrical, electromagnetic and mechanical locking devices to prevent misoperation are installed between the isolating switch, the grounding switch and the circuit breaker. When the switching operation is performed, it must be carried out in sequence. If the locking device fails or the isolating switch and the grounding switch cannot operate normally, the position status of the corresponding circuit breaker and switch must be checked strictly according to the requirements of the lock. Only after the correctness is checked, the lock can be released for operation.

    Existing reviews of 40 Amps Isolator Switch, 3 Pole/ 4 Pole
    Isolator switch works great and seems sturdy!
    This isolator switch works great and seems extremely well built. If I ever need another I’d buy it again. Great price and easy to install. Excellent value and compact size. I highly recommend it!
    From: Shake | Date: 27/03/2022
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