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    160 Amps Isolator Switch, 3 Pole/ 4 Pole

    3 pole or 4 pole isolator switch, 160 amps, rated insulation voltage 690V. Its outer shell made of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin has good flame retardancy, dielectric properties, carbonation resistance and impact resistance. Affordable price and high reliability.
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    160 Amps 3 pole isolator switch is widely used in the distribution system and automatic system of architecture, electrical power, petrochemical, and other industries. Cheap price and direct by factory.
    In this video, we delve into the world of load break switches, mechanical devices capable of being operated while under load. We'll explore their functionality, applications in electrical systems, and provide a detailed breakdown of their features to equip you with a thorough comprehension of their advantages.

    3 Pole 4 Pole Isolator Switch Specifications

    Basics Model ATOHGL-160A
    Pole 3 Pole/4 Pole
    Weight 3 Pole 1.2 kg
    4 Pole 1.4 kg
    Technical Parameters Rated current 160A
    Rated insulation voltage Ui 690V
    Dielectric strength 1890V
    Rated surge-resistant voltage Uimp kV (installed category IV) 8
    Rated working current le 380V AC-21 160A
    AC-22 160A
    AC-23 160A
    660V AC-21 160A
    AC-22 160A
    DC-23 80A
    220V DC-21 160A
    DC-22 160A
    DC-23 125A
    440V DC-21 125A
    DC-22 125A
    DC-23 125A
    Motor power P (380V) Kw 380V 80 Kw
    660V 75 kW
    Rated short-time withstand current lcw (kA rms)0.1s/ 1.0s 12
    Rated breaking capacity Icm (Arms) AC23 380VA 1600
    Rated making capacity Icm (Arms) AC23 380V 2500
    Rated short-current making capacity Icm' (Kapeak value) 17
    Mechanical durability (number of cyclic operation) 10000
    Electric durability Ue=660V, Rated current COSφ=0.95AC21 1700
    COSφ=0.65AC22 100
    COSφ=0.35AC23 500
    Working Environment Moment of operation 1.2 Nm
    Temperature -5℃~+55℃
    Way of working Continuously working
    Operating Handle
    Installation form Vertical
    Altitude ≤2000m
    Pollution level 3
    Overvoltage level
    IP level IP 20


    160A-630A  isolator switch dimension


    Current A B C D D1 E ΦL J K N P R S U ΦX Y F H
    160A/3P 140 135 121 27 93 71 5.5 120 65 75 36 20 25 115 9 24 50 10
    160A/4P 170 135 121 27 93 71 5.5 150 65 75 36 20 25 115 9 24 50 10

    Operation Mode

    Load Isolator Disconnect Switch


    160 Amps Isolator Switch Details

    Tips: How to maintain Isolator switch?

    The function of the isolating switch is very important. If there is a failure, it will bring great inconvenience to daily work and production, so daily maintenance work needs to be done. For example, you should always check the surface of the equipment to see if there are any weak or damaged parts. Sometimes the isolation switch needs to be used in a special environment, which may cause deformation and oxidation. If the situation is serious, it needs to be replaced in time. Heating at the contact parts is also common, which is related to many reasons, and sometimes requires power outage maintenance.

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