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    Multi-Manifold Industrial/Commercial Freeze Dryer

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    Multi-mainfold freeze dryer can be used for lyophilization of various materials in industrial and commercial. Mainfold type is ordinary multi-manifold or gland-type multi-manifold for selection, ability to capture water is 3kg or 4kg per day. It can be used as a lyophilizer, which is widely used in biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, biological products, chemical industry and food industry and other fields.
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    Suitable Material Types for Different Manifold Types

    • Ordinary multi-manifold freeze dryer: Suitable for loading external bottled materials.
    • Gland-type multi-manifold freeze dryer: Suitable for loading bulk materials, bottled materials and external bottled materials.


    Model ATO-FD-103O ATO-FD-124O ATO-FD-103G ATO-FD-124G
    Manifold Type ordinary multi-manifold gland-type multi-manifold
    Capture Water Ability 3kg 4kg 3kg 4kg
    Freeze Area 0.12cm2 0.12cm2 0.08cm2 0.08cm2
    Plate Load Capacity 1.5L 1.5L 1L 1L
    Machine Dimension (W*D*H) (mm) 450*580*(380+450) 600*460*(720+450) 450*580*(380+450) 600*460*(720+450)
    Sample Tray Size 4*Φ200mm 4*Φ200mm 3*Φ180mm 3*Φ180mm
    Cold Trap Size Φ215*160mm Φ215*216mm Φ215*160mm Φ215*216mm
    Number of Schering Bottles Φ22: 260
    Φ16: 480
    Φ12: 920
    Φ22: 260
    Φ16: 480
    Φ12: 920
    Φ22: 165
    Φ16: 285
    Φ12: 560
    Φ22: 165
    Φ16: 285
    Φ12: 560
    N.W 95kg 120kg 100kg 125kg
    Power 950W
    Power Supply 220V/50Hz (or customize 110V/60Hz)
    Certification CE
    No-Load Temperature <-56℃
    Vacuum Degree <10Pa
    Interlayer Spacing 70mm

    Structure Diagram of Multi-Manifold Commercial/Industrial Freeze Dryer

    Structure Diagram of Multi-Manifold Commercial/Industrial Freeze Dryer

    Usage Steps of Multi-Manifold Commercial/Industrial Freeze Dryer

    1. Place the cold-dry rack or gland cold-dry rack above the cold trap. Place material to be lyophilized on rack, and cover the multi-manifold plexiglass cover or gland multi-manifold plexiglass cover.
    2. Remove the lyophilized bottle from freezer and install standard tube stopper. Insert the stopper into bottle heart. After installing lyophilized bottle, turn the valve wing so that it faces down vertically, connect inside of the bottle with inside of cover.
    3. Tighten the vacuum valve and press the vacuum pump button. Then the vacuum pump will work and the vacuum will drop rapidly. It is normal for vacuum degree to drop below 15Pa, at which point lyophilization begins.
    4. If materials in drying bottle and materials on the tray in cover have been completely dried, remove the drying bottle first. Then inflate the cover and remove the multi-manifold plexiglass cover.
    5. Take out the material to packaging and storage. Do not remove the glass cover before removing the drying bottle.

    Tips: Precautions when using multi-manifold commercial/industrial freeze dryer.

    • Place the vacuum pump on the ground and maintain a certain height difference from main body of the freeze dryer. In the event of a sudden power outage, it helps prevent oil return.
    • In the event of power outage, immediately unscrew the inflation valve, remove materials as soon as possible, and store it properly.
    • When shutting down, inflate first, and then turn off the vacuum pump to prevent vacuum pump from returning oil to contaminate materials.
    • Do not switch the power supply and refrigerator frequently. If the refrigerator has stopped due to operation, wait at least three minutes before restarting it.
    • Cooling holes in front of the freeze dryer need to be cleaned frequently, and remove dust regularly according to use environment.
    • To ensure safety, the freeze dryer must be grounded.
    Existing reviews of Multi-Manifold Industrial/Commercial Freeze Dryer
    Plays an important role in my medical research
    The quality of this multi-mainfold freeze dryer is very good, and the appearance of the dryer looks very firm. I keep the multi-mainfold freeze dryer in my lab. It plays an important role in my medical research. I'll buy again.
    From: Frederick | Date: 22/06/2022
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