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    Industrial/Lab Vacuum Oven with Pump

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    Industrial/Lab vacuum oven with pump also suitable for commercial use. Chamber capacity of the vacuum oven can select 0.28/0.9/1.9/3.2/15 cu ft, and related specification are customizable. Equipped with high performance temperature controller. According to different models, number of tray is 1~3 pcs, input power 400W~2800W.
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    Vacuum oven is also called vacuum dryer or vacuum drying oven. It is widely used in chemical and pharmaceutical, food, medical, health, agriculture, environmental protection and other research and application fields. It can baking, drying, heat treat various powders and sterilize various glass containers. The vacuum oven with pump is particularly suitable for fast and effective drying of heat-sensitive, easily decomposed, easily oxidized materials and objects with complex components.

    Features of Industrial/Lab Vacuum Oven with Pump

    • Vacuum oven with rotary vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump can effectively and quickly pumping vacuum and offering vacuum condition for vacuum drying operation.
    • Cavity of the vacuum oven is a cuboid, effectively increases the capacity.
    • Vacuum oven uses microcomputer temperature controller, make the data more accurate and reliable.
    • The vacuum dryer uses double-shelf explosion-proof glass door, which is strong and will not deform under ultimate vacuum pressure. Good insulation effect, ensure no heat loss.
    • Drying time of the vacuum oven is minimized. Compared with traditional vacuum drying oven, its the heating time is reduced by more than 50%.
    • Drying, baking, heating and testing are all under vacuum and oxygen-free or filled with inert gas, so materials will not be oxidized.
    • Sealing of the glass door can be adjusted. Sealing and elasticity of the silicone edge band is excellent, fully ensure the temperature and high vacuum inside the vacuum oven


    Model ATO-DZF-6010 ATO-DZF-6020 ATO-DZF-6050 ATO-DZF-6090 ATO-DZF-6210 ATO-DZF-6500
    Input Power (W) 400 700 1400 2000 2060 2800
    Chamber Capacity (L) 8 25 55 90 215 430
    Chamber Capacity (cu ft) 0.28 0.9 1.9 3.2 7.5 15
    Inner Dimension (W*D*H, mm) 200*200*200 300*300*270 400*400*345 450*450*450 560*600*640 630*810*845
    Overall Dimension (W*D*H, mm) 630*420*460 620*510*480 710*580*530 610*680*710 720*820*1750 1020*1100*1940
    Weigh (kg) 75 85 125 155 305 397
    Tray (Pcs) 1 2 3  4
    Power Supply (V/Hz) 220V/50Hz
    Shell Material Spray-paint Anti-corrosion
    Liner Material 304 Stainless Steel
    Temp. Range (℃) RT+10-200 (250)
    Temp. Stability (℃) ±1.0
    Temp. Analysis (℃) 0.1
    Working Temp. (℃) +5~40
    Certification CE 
    Optional Configuration Explosion-proof
    Packing List user manual*1
    packing list*1
    qualification certificate*1
    vacuum connecting pipe*1 (except for model 6090)

    Industrial/Lab Vacuum Oven Structure Diagram

    Industrial/Lab Vacuum Oven Structure

    Industrial/Lab Vacuum Oven Interior Structure

    Temperature Controller of Industrial/Lab Vacuum Oven with Pump

    Temperature Controller of Industrial/Lab Vacuum Oven

    Tips: Failure Treatment for Industrial/Lab Vacuum Oven with Pump

    Failure Phenomena Possible Reasons Treatment
    No power

    The out power socket had no power. Check whether the lines are connected well and whether the socket is well.
    The power plug is not inserted well in the socket or the line is cut off. Re-insert the plug or repair the line.
    The fuse is broken or there is no fuse. Check whether there is any short
    Replace the fuse (short circuit for apparatus power transformer, short circuit for heater, short circuit for grounding and others short circuit all can cause breaking of fuse.
    The temperature does not increase The set value is too low. Set temperature SV≥RT+10℃ (RT is environment temperature).
    The heater is damaged (short circuit, or open circuit) Replace it.
    Use timing function or the setting is not correct. ST=0 or ST=(heating time + constant temperature time.
    The cabinet cannot be vacuumized. The vacuum pump is not of the correct model and size. The vacuumizing speed should not be less than 2 L/S.
    Various connecting pipe is too loose. Replace it.
    The door is not closed well. Adjust the door pin distance.
    Existing reviews of Industrial/Lab Vacuum Oven with Pump
    Well-built and durable piece of equipment
    The interior chamber of this oven is large, I have ample space for samples of various sizes. It's great. And the vacuum pump that comes with the oven is also very powerful and has no trouble achieving the desired vacuum levels quickly. Satisfied purchase!
    From: Osborn | Date: 17/02/2023
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    A Perfect industrial/lab vacuum oven
    This vacuum oven is what we want. We have bought it for a long time and there is no trouble about the product. The operation is smooth and the quality is good. It is really worth to have a try.
    From: Jackson | Date: 15/03/2022
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