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    Freestanding Electric Oven, Forced Air, 220V/110V

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    Freestanding electric oven for sale designed with forced air principle, composed of blower, centrifugal fan, and appropriate convection air inlet channel. Chamber capacity of the vacuum oven can select 1.41/2.8/4.8/7.7/14.8/21.9/35.3 cu ft, number of tray 1~5 pcs, input power 850W~6000W for different models. Working voltage 220V or 110V optional. It is suitable for commercial/industrial/lab use.
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    Forced air freestanding electric oven has microcomputer temperature controller, built-in blower convection circulation system, and optional safety explosion-proof configuration. Widely used in drying, baking, conditioning, curing, vacuum embedding, moisture testing, plating and aging testing, etc. Freestanding electric forced air oven is very suitable for drying, baking, sterilizing, sterilizing, melting and solidifying operations in industries, laboratories, food and fruits and mining industries, etc.


    Model ATO-FAO-9030 ATO-FAO-9070 ATO-FAO-9140 ATO-FAO-9240 ATO-FAO-9420 ATO-FAO-9620 ATO-FAO-9920
    Input Power (W) 850 1100 1550 2050 3500 4000 6000
    Chamber Capacity (L) 40 80 136 220 420 620 1000
    Chamber Capacity (cu ft) 1.41 2.8 4.8 7.7 14.8 21.9 35.3
    Inner Dimension (W*D*H, mm) 340*310*340 400*400*450 550*485*550 600*590*600 750*670*700 840*600*1300 1000*600*1600
    Overall Dimension (W*D*H, mm) 620*580*480 680*690*630 830*810*730 900*890*790 980*970*870 980*800*1710 1140*800*2150
    Weigh (kg) 75 90 115 143 215 265 440
    Tray (Pcs) 1 2 3 4 5
    Temp. Range (℃) RT+10~250/300 RT+10~300
    Power Supply (V/Hz) 220V/50Hz
    Temp. Stability (℃) ±1.0
    Temp. Analysis (℃) 0.1
    Working Temp. (℃) +5~40
    Shell Material Spray-paint Anti-corrosion
    Liner Material 304 Stainless Steel
    Time Range (min) 1~9999
    Certification CE 
    Optional Configuration Explosion-proof

     Note: Any configuration is customizable.

    Forced Air Freestanding Electric Oven Structure Diagram

    Forced Air Freestanding Electric Oven Structure Diagram

    Temperature Controller of Forced Air Freestanding Electric Oven

    Temperature Controller of Forced Air Freestanding Electric Oven

    Side Blower and Heating Air Duct Design of Forced Air Freestanding Electric Oven

    Side Blower and Heating Air Duct Design of Forced Air Freestanding Electric Oven

    Tips: Freestanding electric forced air oven working principle.

    Forced air oven, also called blast oven, is a freestanding electric dryer based on the function of blower. Forced air oven uses the connection of digital display instrument and temperature sensor to control temperature of working room, and materials are dried by hot air circulation and convection. The hot air circulation system is divided into horizontal air supply and vertical air supply, both of which have been professionally designed. Motor rotation drives the air supply wind wheel, so that the blown wind blows on the electric heating tube of the oven, so that wind source is generated. After the hot air is formed, it is sent from air duct to working room of the forced air oven, and the hot air after use is sucked into air duct again to become the wind source, and the circulation is heated again. In this way, temperature uniformity of the forced air oven is greatly improved. If the door of forced air oven is opened or closed during use, the air circulation system can quickly recover the operating temperature.
    During heating process of the electric heater, heating wires exposed to the air is easily oxidized due to its high flexibility and temporary heating effect. Therefore, heater of the forced air oven generally uses electric heating tubes. Heating wires are installed outside the heating tube, which can increase the oxidation rate and service life.
    Temperature controller of the forced air oven is used to control and display temperature. When temperature of the oven is lower than the set temperature, temperature controller controls the heater to make fever or gap fever to achieve the purpose of controllable oven temperature.
    Function of the blower is to blow air to the heater element and send it to drying chamber after heating. At the same time, it sucks the air in drying room to the heating source and heat the air, so that the air in forced air oven circulates in convection. Continuous heating cycle also makes the temperature in oven more uniform, and achieves the purpose of all-round drying. When the hot air in drying room heats materials, moisture will become water vapor and mix into hot air. Air in the box is circulated by convection through blower, and then hot air with water vapor is discharged through the exhaust hole. At the same time, air intake hole draws the air outside the chamber into chamber for heating cycle. By constantly exchanging indoor and outdoor air, moisture is also taken out of the oven, thereby achieving the purpose of drying. The amount of air exchange inside and outside the box can be adjusted by changing the size of air holes.

    Existing reviews of Freestanding Electric Oven, Forced Air, 220V/110V
    It is the oven I want.
    First, packaging was firm so the oven was not damaged. The liner is smooth, heating up quickly, and temperature is uniform and stable. Switch of the blower is separate and blast effect is very good. At present, capacity is enough. I will buy it if I need a larger capacity in the future.
    From: Zachariah | Date: 25/04/2020
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