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    9.5hp (7kW) Pneumatic Vane Air Motor

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    7kW vane air motor with two different installation methods, foot mounting/ IEC flange mounting can be chosen, rated torque 34 Nm, 275 cfm air consumption. It offers simple structure, strong power, water resistance, fire protection and moisture & explosion proof, etc.
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    Factory price pneumatic vane air motor for sales, with rated power 9.5hp/ 7kW, rotate speed 200rpm, 290 rated torque. It is widely used as power in mine rock driling or loading machinery and more popular in manyfields, e.g. ship, offshore platform, metallurgy, papermaking and petrochemical industries, etc.


    Model Operation Data Maximum Torque Weight Installation Method Color Certification Warranty
    Power Torque Rotate Speed Air Consumption Rotate Speed Torque
    hp kW Nm rpm m³/ h cfm rpm Nm kg
    HX16FRV-2 9.5 7 34 290 2000 475 275 300 43 372 32 Foot & Face Mounting Gray CE 12 months
    HX16AM-RRV-13 33 Foot & NEMA Flange Mounting

    Dimension (unit=inch/mm)

    7kW vane air motor HX12AM-FRV-137kW vane air motor HX12AM-FRV-13 size

                       Dimension of 9.5hp pneumatic vane air motor


    7000W Pneumatic Vane Air Motor Details

    Tips: Features of Pneumatic Vane Air Motor.
    • Adjustable speed
    Using a simple ball valve or pressure reducing valve placed between the air source and the air motor can adjust the air motor speed from 300 RPM to 10,000 RPM (depending on the selected model).
    • No sparks
    Since it is not an electrical device, the possibility of causing an explosion by igniting flammable gas is very low, and it is suitable for use in flammable and explosive fields. The explosion-proof grade is higher than that of explosion-proof motors.
    • Instant reversal
    The use of two-position five-way solenoid valve can make the air motor change the direction of rotation instantaneously, even when it is running at high speed.
    • Self-cooling
    When the air motor is running, the expanding air cools the air motor. It can work at an ambient temperature of 120 °C.
    • No need for excessive maintenance
    You can use the air motor in some places where you can't get too much maintenance. Because GANGONG air motors basically have no parts that need maintenance. Only need to provide clean, dry and adequately lubricated air source for the air motor.
    • Will not burn out
    Motors are often burnt due to stalling, and air motors will not be damaged if they are stalled or loaded for a long time.
    • Flexible installation
    There are a variety of installation methods to choose from, including foot, shaft, and end surface installation.

    Existing reviews of 9.5hp (7kW) Pneumatic Vane Air Motor
    No complain about this vane air motor
    I bought this 9.5 hp pneumatic vane air motor two months ago and everything goes well. I have no complain about it. This is a very impressive piston air motor, with superb craftsmanship and flawless mechanical operation. I will order more.
    From: Johanes | Date: 01/12/2022
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