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    5hp (3.9kW) Pneumatic Vane Air Motor

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    Vane air motor at affordable price which with 5hp, 14.4 Nm rated power, 2500 rpm rotate speed, 175 cfm air consumption, it provides high torque with smooth startup.
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    3900 watt pneumatic vane air motor offers three installation methods to choose, maximum torque 300 rpm rotate speed, it is widely used in rock drilling of mine, drilling, ship, metallurgy, chemical engineering, and papermaking etc.


    Model Operation Data Maximum Torque Weight Installation Method Color Certification Warranty
    Power Torque Rotate Speed Air Consumption Rotate Speed Torque
    hp kW Nm rpm m³/ h cfm rpm Nm kg
    HX8AM-H 5.25 3.9 14.4 132 2500 293 175 300 21 185 10.7 Foot Mounting Gray CE 12 months
    HX8AM-V 10.4 Face Mounting
    HX8AM-ARV-70 13.2 IEC Flange

    Dimension (unit=inch/mm)

    5hp pneumatic vane air motor HX8AM-H              5hp pneumatic vane air motor HX8AM-H size

    3900W pneumatic vane air motor HX8AM-V               Diemnsion of pneumatic vane air motor HX8AM-V 1

    Pneumatic vane air motor HX8AM-ARV-70                5hp pneumatic vane air motorHX8AM-ARV-70 size


    3900W Pneumatic Vane Air Motor Details

    Tips: The Characteristics of Pneumatic Vane Air Motor.

    The figure below is the characteristic curve of a vane air motor made under a certain working pressure. It can be seen from the figure that the air motor has the characteristics of soft characteristics. When the applied torque T is equal to zero, it is idling. At this time, the speed reaches the maximum value, and the power output of the air motor is equal to zero; when the applied torque is equal to the maximum torque of the air motor, the motor stops rotating, and the power is also equal to zero at this time; When the applied torque is equal to half of the maximum torque. The rotation speed of the motor is also 1/2 of the maximum rotation speed. At this time, the output power P of the motor is the largest, which is indicated by.

    The characteristics of pneumatic vane air motor

    Existing reviews of 5hp (3.9kW) Pneumatic Vane Air Motor
    Satisfied high quality pneumatic vane motor!
    This 5 hp vane air motor has worked great for me over the several weeks I have been using it.  It runs very cool and smooth. I recommend it and I would buy again.
    From: Sapello | Date: 30/05/2022
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    A perfect replacement!
    I want to buy a pneumatic vane air motor because my old one didn't work and my spare one was lost.  So far, everything goes well. The quality is great and I am going to buy another one in case of need.
    From: Gates | Date: 28/04/2022
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