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    0.68μF 100V Metal Film Capacitor

    100V Metallized polyester film capacitors for audio, the distance between legs 20mm, capacitance 0.68uF. 680nF mylar capacitor is a perfect choice for telecommunication equipment, data processing equipment, automatic control, and other general electronic equipment.
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    Buy a 0.68μF metallized polypropylene film capacitor with a lead distance of 20mm, a rated voltage of 100V, and a tolerance of ±5%. Metal film capacitors are made of metallized polypropylene high-temperature film, which has strong self-healing properties and can be used in switching power supplies, rainproof power supplies, LED drive power supplies, inverters and small home appliance control boards.


    • Model: ATO-FC-CL21-684J
    • Capacity: 0.68μF
    • Rated Voltage: 100V
    • Tolerance: ±5%
    • Lead Spacing: 20mm
    • Installation Type: In-line type
    • Dielectric Material: Polypropylene film
    • Equivalent Series Resistance: 30000
    • Operating Temperature: -40°C~105°C
    • Dimension: 22 x 8.8 x 14.8mm
    • Certificate: CE
    • Weight: 0.0003kg


    • Film capacitor has excellent insulation and flame retardant properties and low internal temperature rise.
    • High voltage withstands, can reach the rated voltage above the voltage withstand, strong resistance to high current shock.
    • Polypropylene film capacitors, under normal operating conditions, can reach more than ten years of service life.
    • metallized polypropylene film capacitor is made of metallized polypropylene film with high temperature, and strong self-healing.
    • ATO CL21 metal film capacitor adopts vacuum heat-setting process, which effectively excludes air and moisture, resulting in high insulation resistance and long life of metal film capacitor.
    • The 0.68μF film capacitors are epoxy resin coated according to UL-94V0 standard and the flame retardant level meets the stringent standards set by UL and IEC.


    Diaphragm capacitors are widely used in high frequency, DC and pulse circuits, and are suitable for color TV calibration circuits that require small size and excellent performance. ATO diaphragm capacitors are designed for S calibration circuits of large-screen displays and color TVs, and are suitable for various high-frequency and high-current applications.

    Film capacitor application

    Tips: What are film capacitors used for?

    • Film capacitors can be used as voltage-smoothing capacitors, filters, and audio crossovers. They can be used to store energy and release it in high-current pulses when needed. High-current electrical pulses are used to power pulsed lasers or to generate illumination discharges.
    • Applications in power electronics circuits. The film capacitor is used here, mainly to buffer and clamp the power current, resonant bypass, and suppress the electromagnetic interference of the power supply.
    • When the film capacitor is used as a bypass, it mainly serves to reduce the impedance of the DC bus and absorb the ripple current from the load, thereby effectively suppressing the fluctuation of the DC bus voltage due to sudden load changes.
    • When the device is used in a resonant converter, it can perform the function of realizing resonance together with the inductor.
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