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    Digital Concrete Rebound Hammer, 10-60 MPa

    The digital concrete rebound hammer with a 2.2" colour display, it has a strength measurement range of 10-60 MPa, providing more accurate and reliable readings. ATO digital concrete rebound hammer allows multiple readings to be stored in the built-in memory, providing valuable data for analysis and reporting.
    SKU: ATO-RH-225D
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    Buy the low-priced digital concrete test hammer online, it has a strength measurement range of 10-60 MPa. ATO concrete rebound hammer uses a digital sensor to measure the rebound distance and convert the results into a digital display for easy reading and interpretation. 


    • Model: ATO-RH-HD225D
    • Sensor Life: >200,000 cycles
    • Steel Anvil Rate Rebound Value: 80±2
    • Strength Measurement Range: 10-60 MPa
    • Volume: 60mm* 280mm
    • Nominal Kinetic Energy: 2.207 J
    • Impact Hammer Stroke: 75mm
    • Dimensions: 275*55* 85mm
    • Consistency of Values: ≤ 0.5 difference between the pointer reading of the mechanical rebound meter and the screen reading of the instrument
    • Weight: 1.0 kg


    • The digital Schmidt hammer has the advantages of small size, light weight, high testing accuracy, stable performance, easy operation, and ultra-low power consumption.
    • The digital concrete rebound hammer is a great tool for testing the strength of your concrete, with its 2.2" colour screen automatically displaying the mean strength rebound value after testing.
    • The digital concrete rebound hammer has a large data storage capacity.
    • The digital concrete rebound hammer can be connected to a PC to produce test reports.


    Digital concrete rebound hammer dimension


    The rebound hammer is a widely used non-destructive testing tool for assessing the strength and consistency of concrete structures. It is commonly used in construction and civil engineering applications to evaluate the compressive strength of concrete in areas such as bridges, dams, buildings, and pavements.

    Rebound hammer applications

    Tips: What are the types of rebound hammers?

    A rebound hammer is a device used for non-destructive testing of concrete, which measures the surface hardness of the material by assessing the rebound of a spring-loaded hammer. There are two types of rebound hammers:

    • Analog Rebound Hammers: Analog rebound hammers have a mechanical gauge that displays the rebound value on a scale, which the user must interpret. The accuracy of the reading is dependent on the user's ability to read the scale correctly.
    • Digital Rebound Hammers: Digital rebound hammers have an electronic display that shows the rebound value in numerical form, eliminating the need for interpretation by the user. The accuracy of the reading is improved due to the elimination of potential errors caused by misreading the gauge on an analog rebound hammer. Additionally, digital rebound hammers typically have additional features such as data storage, automatic calculations of rebound values, and Bluetooth connectivity for remote monitoring and data transfer.
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