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    Concrete Rebound Hammer Tester, 10-60 MPa

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    High quality concrete rebound hammer tester is made of stainless steel, with a test strength range of 10-60 MPa. ATO concrete rebound hammer is suitable for use in many environments, such as testing buildings, bridges, road testing and test cells.
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    The concrete rebound hammer tester has a robust design that is both durable and easy to handle, with a test strength range of 10-60 MPa. This portable rebound hammer test machine provides a quick, non-destructive method of assessing the quality of concrete and helps to identify areas that require further testing or repair.


    • Model: ATO-RH-HD225A
    • Strength measurement range: 10-60 MPa
    • Nominal Energy: 2.207J
    • Spring Stiffness: 785±30N/m
    • Disc Readings: 6000 Readings
    • Stroke of the Hammer: 75.0±0.3mm
    • Maximum Friction of Pointer System: 0.5N~0.8N
    • Anvil Rate Rebound Gauge: 80±2
    • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +40°C
    • Weight: 2kg


    • The rebound hammer does not damage the concrete surface, making it a safe and efficient testing method.
    • The rebound hammer provides a quantitative measurement of the concrete's surface hardness, which can be used to estimate its compressive strength.
    • The stainless steel material is resistant to pressure and drops and can be elastic for more than hundreds of thousands of times.


    Concrete rebound hammer details


    The rebound hammer is a widely used non-destructive testing tool for assessing the strength and consistency of concrete structures. It is commonly used in construction and civil engineering applications to evaluate the compressive strength of concrete in areas such as bridges, dams, buildings, and pavements.

    Rebound hammer applications

    Tips: How to use ATO concrete rebound hammer?

    1. Hold the ATO concrete rebound hammer with both hands, place the rebound hammer against the surface of the concrete, gently press the instrument to release the button and when the pressure is released the rebound hammer extends and the pointer is visually marked at the reset line on the scale.
    2. Keep the axis of the rebound hammer perpendicular to the surface of the concrete and apply slow and even pressure to the rebound hammer without wobbling, then after the rebound hammer has been unhooked and impacted on the rebound rod, the rebound hammer will drive the pointer to move backwards to a certain position. The pointer block on the engraved line indication on the scale shows the finger that is the rebound value.
    3. If the conditions are not conducive to reading, press the button to lock the movement, then take a reading and record the rebound value.
    4. The rebound hammer of the concrete strength tester is held against the concrete surface and gradually depressurised to allow the rebound hammer to extend slowly before continuing with the next shot.
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