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    Blue 24V Led Indicator Light

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    LED indicator lamp rated voltage 24V AC/DC, hole size 22mm, rated current 20mA, easy to identify LED, soft lighting, no eye damage, high quality flame retardant enclosure, 12 months warranty, 110V LED indicator light can be customized.
    SKU: ATO-IL-24V
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    24V LED indicator light for low price, 20mA rated current, mechanical life time of one million times, IP68, high waterproof level, can choose blue, red, yellow, green and white indicator lamp.


    Model ATO-IL-24V
    Hole Size M22mm
    Voltage 24V AC/DC
    Color Red, green, blue, yellow, white
    Rated Current ≤24V, ≤20mA, >24V, ≤10mA
    Protection Class IP68
    Heating Current 25A
    Contact Resistance ≤ 50mA
    Insulation Resistance ≥ 1000MΩ
    Shell Material PC Plastic
    Head Material PC Plastic
    Nut Material Flame retardant PA66
    Base Material Flame retardant PA66
    Head Coil Aluminum oxide natural color
    Operating Temperature -40℃~80℃
    Working Humidity 45~90% RH
    Panel Thickness ≤8mm
    Electrical Life 50,000 times
    Mechanical Life 1 Million times
    Weight 25.5g
    Warranty Period 12 Months

    24V LED Indicator Light Dimension (unit: mm)

    Indicator light dimension Indicator lamp dimension

    Tips: Use environment of indicator light

    In order to prevent terminal discoloration and other deterioration of the indicator light during storage, please avoid long-term storage and use in the following conditions.
    1. In high temperature and humidity.
    2. Corrosive gas environment
    3. Places exposed to direct sunlight.
    For the opening of mounting holes, please refer to the opening sizes of different switches. When opening according to the actual switch sample, there should be a certain margin. Non-waterproof switch. Please avoid the setting and use of water contact places. Please do not allow the switch to freeze and dew.

    Existing reviews of Blue 24V Led Indicator Light
    Fantastic value
    I bought a blue LED indicator light, this light did exactly what I needed. Good value for the price. Lights a decently bright, it is easy to connect. Very satisfied with its quality.
    From: Sapello | Date: 30/05/2022
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    Small and bright
    Small and bright. Exactly what I was looking to use as a pilot light to indicate the connected item was on and working. Love the size, color, and quality.
    From: Beyn | Date: 17/04/2022
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    Nice indicator light
    Blue is my favorite color, so I bought this blue indicator light. It's very bright and a deep blue color, so does the good job. I like it very much.
    From: Farrah | Date: 08/04/2022
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