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    3/8" (10mm) Manual Pipe Bender

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    3/8 inch pipe bender for sale online, This manual pipe bender is a mechanical device used to bend pipes or metal rods, equipped with a φ10mm ductile iron mold, and can be bent at 180°.
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    Low price 10mm tube bender is suitable for copper pipes and steel pipes of different diameters and thicknesses, and can achieve 180° bending angles. 3/8" pipe bending tools are widely used in home improvement, workshop processing or light manufacturing projects.


    Model ATO-HHW-25S
    Equipped Mold Bending Rollers and U-Bending Dies
    Mold Size φ10mm (3/8 inch)
    Bending Angle 0~180°
    Mold Material Ductile Iron
    Minimum Bend Radius 42mm
    Pipe Diameter 11mm
    Standard Steel Pipe/Stainless Steel Pipe Wall Thickness 0.8mm
    Standard Copper Pipe Wall Thickness 1.0mm
    Weight 13.6kg
    Packaging and Dimensions Wooden Box Packing (670x215x170mm)
    Suitable Pipe Material Stainless Steel, Copper, etc.


    • The manual pipe bender is only suitable for round pipes, not for square pipes.
    • For stainless steel/iron pipes with an outer diameter of 19mm or more, it is recommended to use a tube bender with a wall thickness of 1.2mm-1.5mm.


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    Pipe bender installation steps

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    Pipe bender applications

    Tips: What is a pipe bender?

    A pipe bender is a tool or machine used to bend pipes or tubes into specific shapes or angles. It is commonly used in various industries, such as plumbing, construction, automotive, and manufacturing. Pipe benders are designed to provide controlled and precise bending of pipes without damaging or distorting their structure.

    There are different types of pipe benders available, including manual benders and powered benders. Manual pipe benders are typically handheld tools that use leverage and physical force to bend pipes. They often consist of a long handle and a bending shoe or die that holds the pipe in place while it is bent.

    Powered pipe benders, on the other hand, are machines that use hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric power to bend pipes. These machines are more efficient and can handle larger and thicker pipes compared to manual benders. Powered pipe benders are commonly used in industrial settings where a high volume of pipe bending is required.

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    Really help
    This 3/8 inch (10mm) manual pipe bender is a real help! It's very easy to operate and bends 180° while working, allowing me to get my plumbing work done quickly. This tool has really saved me time and effort and is definitely worth buying!
    From: kevin | Date: 14/09/2023
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