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    5/8" (16mm) Manual Pipe Bender

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    Factory price 5/8 inch pipe bender features a bending roller andφ16mm U-bending die, which can be used for home improvement projects, such as making furniture, lamps, railings, stair handrails and other parts that need to bend metal pipes.
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    Small 5/8" manual tube bender provides a bending roller,φ16mm U-bending die and 0~180° bending angle, which is easy to carry and move, suitable for use in different workplaces.


    Model ATO-HHW-25S
    Equipped Mold Bending Rollers and U-Bending Dies
    Mold Size φ16mm (5/8 inch)
    Bending Angle 0~180°
    Mold Material Ductile Iron
    Minimum Bend Radius 68.5mm
    Pipe Diameter 17mm
    Standard Steel Pipe/Stainless Steel Pipe Wall Thickness 1.0mm
    Standard Copper Pipe Wall Thickness 1.2mm
    Weight 13.6kg
    Packaging and Dimensions Wooden Box Packing (670x215x170mm)
    Suitable Pipe Material Stainless Steel, Copper, etc.


    • The manual pipe bender is only suitable for round pipes, not for square pipes.
    • For stainless steel/iron pipes with an outer diameter of 19mm or more, it is recommended to use a tube bender with a wall thickness of 1.2~1.5mm.


    Pipe bender details

    Installation Steps

    Pipe bender installation steps

    Pipe Bender Applications

    Pipe bender applications

    Tips: Advantages of a Manual Pipe Bender

    • Cost-Effectiveness: Manual pipe benders are generally more affordable compared to powered or hydraulic pipe benders. They are a cost-effective option, particularly for occasional or low-volume bending tasks.
    • Portability and Ease of Use: Manual pipe benders are typically compact and lightweight, making them highly portable and easy to transport to different job sites. They are designed for manual operation, requiring minimal setup and no external power sources. This makes them convenient and versatile for on-site bending tasks.
    • Flexibility and Versatility: Manual pipe benders often come with a variety of bending dies or shoes that can accommodate different pipe sizes and materials. They offer flexibility to handle various pipe bending requirements, allowing for a range of bend angles and radii.
    • Control and Precision: With a manual pipe bender, the operator has direct control over the bending process. This allows for precise adjustments and fine-tuning of the bend angle and radius. Manual benders offer greater control, especially when working with delicate or sensitive materials that require careful handling.
    • Maintenance and Durability: Manual pipe benders are generally simpler in design and have fewer moving parts compared to powered or hydraulic benders. This results in lower maintenance requirements and a potentially longer lifespan. Manual benders are often built to withstand rugged use and can handle bending tasks in demanding environments.
    • Safety: Manual pipe benders eliminate the risks associated with electrical or hydraulic systems, such as electric shock or hydraulic fluid leaks. The manual operation reduces the chances of accidents or injuries caused by unexpected movements or malfunctions.
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    Works well
    Great quality for the price. I’ve used it several times and never had an issue. Recommended.
    From: angelo | Date: 22/11/2023
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