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    3/4" (19mm) Manual Pipe Bender

    Small 3/4"19mm manual pipe bender offers a bending roller and U-bending die, achieves 0~180° bending angle, easy to carry and move, suitable for use in different workplaces.
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    Portable 3/4 inch 19mm manual pipe bender features a roller and U-shaped bending die for fast and precise pipe installation and repair.


    Model ATO-HHW-25S
    Equipped Mold Bending Rollers and U-Bending Dies
    Mold Size φ19mm (3/4 inch)
    Bending Angle 0~180°
    Mold Material Ductile Iron
    Minimum Bend Radius 77mm
    Pipe Diameter 20mm
    Standard Steel Pipe/Stainless Steel Pipe Wall Thickness 1.0mm
    Standard Copper Pipe Wall Thickness 1.2mm
    Weight 14.1kg
    Packaging and Dimensions Wooden Box Packing (670x215x170mm)
    Suitable Pipe Material Stainless Steel, Copper, etc.


    • The manual pipe bender is only suitable for round pipes, not for square pipes.
    • For stainless steel/iron pipes with an outer diameter of 19mm or more, it is recommended to use a tube bender with a wall thickness of 1.2~1.5mm.


    Pipe bender details

    Installation Steps

    Pipe bender installation steps

    Pipe Bender Applications

    Pipe bender applications

    Tips: How to choose a manual pipe bender?

    • Pipe Size and Material: Determine the range of pipe sizes and materials you will be working with. Different manual pipe benders have varying capacities and compatibility. Ensure that the bender you choose can accommodate the pipe sizes and materials you plan to bend.
    • Bend Radius and Angle: Consider the specific bend radius and angle requirements of your project. Some manual pipe benders have adjustable bending dies or shoes that allow for different bend radii and angles. Ensure that the bender can achieve the desired bends for your application.
    • Durability and Construction: Look for a manual pipe bender that is well-built and durable. Consider the materials used in its construction, such as heavy-duty steel or cast iron, which can withstand repeated use and provide stability during bending operations.
    • Bending Accuracy and Precision: Check the precision and accuracy of the bending results produced by the manual pipe bender. Look for user reviews or product specifications that indicate the bender's ability to consistently create precise bends without distortion or kinking.
    • Portability and Storage: Consider the portability and storage requirements of the manual pipe bender. If you need to move the bender frequently or transport it to different job sites, look for a lightweight and compact model that is easy to carry. Additionally, consider whether the bender can be disassembled or folded for more convenient storage.
    • Ease of Use: Look for a manual pipe bender that is user-friendly and easy to operate. Consider features such as ergonomic handles, clear instructions, and smooth operation. Ensure that the bender provides sufficient leverage for bending pipes without excessive effort.
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