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    1" (4-25mm) Electric Rebar Bender, 950W/1300W

    4 - 25mm rebar bender tool is a portable bending machine, with bending rebar range 1 inch, ending angle 0~130°, optional no-load power 1300W or 950W, and bending speed 2.5~3s. Electric rebar bender is driven by 220V/110V AC hydraulic, used for round steel, rebar, screw rod, etc.
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    Cheap electric rebar bender is suitable for low/medium carbon steel, round bars and rebar materials. High-quality rebar bender machine is provided with bending range 1 inch, ending angle 0~130°, power supply 110V/220V, optional no-load power 950W/1300W, and bending speed 2.5~3s. 


    • 4mm - 25mm electric rebar bender is a handheld rebar bending tool, with high strength and strong corrosion resistance.
    • Rebar bender machine provides a long bolt rod that limits the stroke, to achieve precise bending.
    • When the bending is completed or an error occurs in the middle, the piston can be returned to the initial position through the manual reset button.


    • Model: ATO-HRB-25
    • Rated Voltage: 110V, 220V
    • No-Load Power: 950W, 1350W
    • Bending Range: Ф4-Ф25mm (1 inch)
    • *Bending Angle: 0~130°
    • Bending Speed: 2.5s~3s
    • Machine Length: 660mm
    • Packing: iron box
    • Weight: 22kg

    *Note: Bending 90°, rebar diameter should be 16-25mm. Rebar diameter<16mm, bending angle cannot reach 90°.

    Structure Diagram

    Electric rebar bender structure diagram

    Rebar Bending Machine Effect Diagram

    Electric rebar bender effect diagram

    Electric Rebar Bender Applications

    Electric rebar bender applications

    Tips: What is the rebar bender used for?

    • Housing construction field: Electric rebar bender can bend according to the vertical direction of the poured or bound steel bars.
    • Bridge pile foundation field: The rebar bender tool can bend 6-40mm or 6-50mm steel bars into the shape required in bridge engineering.
    • Straightening and straightening of steel bars: The rebar bender machine is suitable for processing ordinary carbon steel and screw steel in construction projects into the geometric shape required by the project.
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