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    1 Ton Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamp

    Economical price 1 ton horizontal plate lifting clamp for sale. This industrial plate lifting clamp is a mechanical device for horizontal lifting of steel plates and steel structures in construction, manufacturing, and shipbuilding, with 1 ton working load of 2 plate clamps at low price, 0 ~ 30mm jaw opening.
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    Horizontal plate lifting clamp is a device specially used for lifting and transporting horizontal metal plates, plates or similar flat objects. The horizontal plate lifting clamp provides a reliable and efficient solution for the precise handling of flat objects and minimizes the risk of accidents during lifting operations.


    • The horizontal plate lifting clamp is suitable for lifting and transport of steel plates, construction and profiled bar in horizontal position.
    • This plate lifting clamp is manufactured from high quality carbon steel.
    • The working load limit is the maximum load that the plate lifting clamp are authorized to support when used in pairs with a lift angle of 60°.


    • Model: ATO-HLC-LB1
    • Max. Working Load of 2 Plate Clamps: 1 Ton
    • Jaw Opening: 0~30mm
    • Weight: 4kg

    Note*: During hoisting operations, 2 or multiple horizontal plate lifting clamps are required to be used together.


    1 Ton horizontal plate lifting clamp applications

    Tips: How to choose a right plate lifting clamp?

    When choosing a plate lifting clamp, several factors should be considered to ensure safety and efficiency. First, determine the weight and thickness of the plates to be lifted, as different clamps have specific weight and thickness capacities. Consider the type of material the plates are made of, as certain clamps are designed for specific materials like steel or aluminum. Assess the gripping mechanism of the clamp, ensuring it provides a secure hold on the plates without causing damage. Look for clamps with adjustable jaw openings to accommodate various plate sizes. Check if the clamp has safety features such as a locking mechanism or overload protection. Finally, consider the lifting method—whether it's manual or mechanical—and choose a clamp compatible with the intended lifting method. Prioritize quality, compliance with safety regulations, and manufacturer's recommendations to select the appropriate plate lifting clamp.

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