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    1 Ton Scissor Jack

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    Buy economical price scissor jack online, with 1 Ton (2000 lbs) load capacity, ideal for lifting cars, RVs, trucks, and travel trailers. Its compact size makes it perfect for small spaces and motorcycles.
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    The scissor jack is a versatile automotive tool designed for the efficient and convenient lifting of various vehicles, including cars, RVs, trucks, motorcycles, travel trailers, campers, and other small vehicles.


    • Model: ATO-T10102-GS
    • Capacity: 1 Ton (2000 lbs)
    • Min. Height: 88mm
    • Max. Height: 380mm
    • Total Length: 426mm
    • Stroke with Rated Load: 200-370mm
    • Weight: 2.8kg

    How to Use a Car Scissor Jack?

    1. Place this scissor jack under the site in a suitable location for lifting.
    2. Turn the handle clockwise to raise the scissor jack to the appropriate height.
    3. Confirm that the scissor jack saddle is in contact with the chassis, continue to shake the handle, and the car will be jacked up.
    4. The vehicle is lifted off the ground and tires are replaced.
    5. After the repair work is completed, shake the handle counterclockwise to make the vehicle land smoothly.
    6. Rock the scissor jack to the lowest position, take it out and put it away.

    how to use a manual car scissor jack?

    Tips: What is a scissor jack used for?

    A scissor jack is a mechanical device designed for lifting heavy objects, primarily used in automotive and industrial applications. It consists of a compact, collapsible framework with a set of linked bars forming a scissor mechanism. When the user turns a crank or handle, the scissor jack expands or contracts, allowing it to raise or lower the load.

    In the automotive context, scissor jacks are commonly found in cars as a compact and portable tool for lifting one side of the vehicle. They are often used for changing flat tires, performing minor repairs, or routine maintenance. Their design makes them easy to store in the trunk of a car.

    Industrial versions of scissor jacks are larger and more robust, serving various purposes in factories and warehouses. They are used to lift heavy machinery, support work platforms, and provide stable elevation for various tasks. Scissor jacks are valued for their simplicity, reliability, and ability to provide controlled vertical movement in confined spaces.

    Existing reviews of 1 Ton Scissor Jack
    Stable scissor jack
    I recently purchased this 1-ton scissor jack for my small sedan. Although it is rated at 1 ton, it is more than enough for my small car. Every time I use it, I feel it is stable and reliable, with no signs of shaking or instability, and I am very satisfied with its performance.
    From: Reedy | Date: 05/07/2024
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