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    2 Ton Scissor Jack

    2 Ton scissor jack is a versatile tool designed for lifting vehicles such as cars, RVs, trucks, motorcycles, and travel trailers. This compact and portable jack with 4000 lbs load capacity, is ideal for various applications, offering a reliable solution for roadside emergencies, routine maintenance.
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    2 Ton scissor jack for sale online. Its small size makes it convenient to store in the trunk of a car or the storage compartment of an RV. With its ease of use and compatibility with a range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and campers, the scissor jack ensures a secure and efficient lifting experience for various automotive needs.


    • Model: ATO-T10202-GS
    • Capacity: 2 Ton (4000 lbs)
    • Min. Height: 120mm
    • Max. Height: 395mm
    • Total Length: 450mm
    • Stroke with Rated Load: 260-390mm
    • Weight: 4kg

    How to Use a Car Scissor Jack?

    1. Place this scissor jack under the site in a suitable location for lifting.
    2. Turn the handle clockwise to raise the scissor jack to the appropriate height.
    3. Confirm that the scissor jack saddle is in contact with the chassis, continue to shake the handle, and the car will be jacked up.
    4. The vehicle is lifted off the ground and tires are replaced.
    5. After the repair work is completed, shake the handle counterclockwise to make the vehicle land smoothly.
    6. Rock the scissor jack to the lowest position, take it out and put it away.

    how to use a manual car scissor jack?

    Tips: Can you use a scissor jack to lift a car?

    Yes, you can use a scissor jack to lift a car, but it's important to do so safely and within the jack's weight capacity. Scissor jacks are commonly provided with vehicles for this purpose. To use one, find a solid, level surface, and locate the vehicle's designated jack points, usually indicated in the owner's manual. Place the scissor jack under the recommended jack point and ensure it's properly aligned. Slowly turn the handle to raise the car, making sure it remains stable and doesn't exceed the jack's weight limit, which is typically specified on the jack itself.

    It's crucial to exercise caution when using a scissor jack, as they can be less stable than other types of jacks. Always use additional safety precautions like wheel chocks and jack stands to prevent accidents. Never work underneath a car solely supported by a scissor jack, and if you're unfamiliar with the process, consider seeking professional help or guidance.

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