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    60 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack

    Air powered hydraulic floor jack with 30 ton & 60 ton load capacity, is a versatile and powerful tool used for lifting heavy objects, particularly vehicles. Powered by 8 kg air pressure, this hydraulic car jack consists of a sturdy steel frame with wheels for mobility and a lifting arm connected to a hydraulic cylinder.
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    60 ton pneumatic hydraulic floor jacks are commonly used in automotive workshops, garages, and for roadside emergencies. They offer significant advantages over traditional mechanical jacks, including greater lifting capacity, ease of use, and stability.


    • Model: ATO-HFJ-60T
    • Lifting Weight: 30 Ton/ 60 Ton
    • Minimum Altitude: 205mm
    • Maximum Height: 380mm
    • Base Diameter: 160mm
    • Outer Cylinder Diameter: 136mm
    • Middle Cylinder Diameter: 95mm
    • Small Cylinder Diameter: 56mm
    • Air Pressure: Above 8 kg
    • Top Length: 53mm
    • Top Width: 29mm
    • Pole Net Length: 1130mm
    • Ground Clearance: 1380mm
    • Net Weight: 60kg

    Note: After the second section is raised, the height increases, and the load capacity halves.

    Load Capacity

    • Section 1: The load capacity is 60 Ton.
    • Section 2: The load capacity is 30 Ton.

    Floor jack load bearing


    Air hydraulic floor jack application

    Tips: What is the basic principle of hydraulic floor jack?

    A hydraulic floor jack operates on the principle of Pascal's law, which states that pressure exerted on a confined fluid is transmitted equally in all directions. The basic design consists of a pump, a reservoir, a piston, and a lifting arm with a saddle. When the pump handle is operated, it creates a mechanical force that pushes a small amount of hydraulic fluid from the reservoir into a cylinder, which contains a piston. As the piston moves upwards, it increases the pressure of the fluid. This pressure is transmitted evenly through the fluid to a larger piston, located directly beneath the saddle of the lifting arm. The increased pressure on the larger piston creates a lifting force, allowing the jack to raise heavy objects. By repeating the pumping action, the jack can be extended further, lifting the load higher. To lower the load, a release valve is opened, allowing the fluid to flow back into the reservoir, thus reducing the pressure and lowering the lifting arm.

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