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    80 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack

    Factory price pneumatic hydraulic floor jack powered by 8 kg air pressure, with 40 ton & 80 ton load capacity, consists of a sturdy steel frame with wheels for mobility and a lifting arm connected to a hydraulic cylinder. This hydraulic car jack is a versatile and powerful tool used for lifting heavy objects, particularly vehicles.
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    80 ton hydraulic floor jack is a mechanical device used to lift heavy objects, primarily vehicles, for maintenance or repair purposes. The car jack utilizes hydraulic pressure to lift the load, making it much easier and safer than traditional manual jacks.


    • Model: ATO-HFJ-80T
    • Lifting Weight: 40 Ton/ 80 Ton
    • Minimum Altitude: 205mm
    • Maximum Height: 380mm
    • Base Diameter: 200mm
    • Outer Cylinder Diameter: 165mm
    • Middle Cylinder Diameter: 125mm
    • Small Cylinder Diameter: 85mm
    • Air Pressure: Above 8 kg
    • Top Length: 64mm
    • Top Width: 29mm
    • Pole Net Length: 1130mm
    • Ground Clearance: 1380mm
    • Net Weight: 62kg

    Note: After the second section is raised, the height increases, and the load capacity halves.

    Load Capacity

    • Section 1: The load capacity is 80 Ton.
    • Section 2: The load capacity is 40 Ton.

    Floor jack load bearing


    Air hydraulic floor jack application

    Tips: What are the different types of hydraulic jacks?

    There are several types of hydraulic jacks designed for various applications. These include:

    • Bottle Jack: This compact jack features a vertical hydraulic cylinder and a broad base. It is commonly used for lifting vehicles and heavy objects.
    • Floor Jack: Also known as a trolley jack, it has a low-profile design with wheels, making it suitable for use in garages and workshops.
    • Scissor Jack: This jack employs a scissor mechanism to lift loads vertically. It is often found in car emergency kits and is used to change tires.
    • Pallet Jack: Widely used in warehouses, a pallet jack is designed to lift and move palletized loads. It has forks that slide beneath the pallet.
    • Transmission Jack: Specifically designed for removing and installing transmissions, this jack has a tilting platform to provide easy access and support.
    • Motorcycle Jack: Engineered for motorcycles, this jack has a wide platform and adjustable features to lift and hold bikes securely.
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