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    120 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack

    Pneumatic hydraulic floor jack for sale online at factory price, with 60 ton / 120 ton lifting capacity, air pressure above 8 kg. This hydraulic car jack is commonly used in automotive repair shop, garages, and for roadside emergencies, offering an efficient method of raising vehicles for maintenance tasks such as tire changes, oil changes, and repairs.
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    Air powered hydraulic floor jack is a mechanical device for lifting heavy loads, such as vehicles, using hydraulic power. The hydraulic car jack is positioned under the load, and by pumping the handle, hydraulic pressure is generated, causing the lifting arm to rise, thereby lifting the load off the ground.


    • Model: ATO-HFJ-120T
    • Lifting Weight: 60 Ton/ 120 Ton
    • Minimum Altitude: 205mm
    • Maximum Height: 380mm
    • Base Diameter: 250mm
    • Outer Cylinder Diameter: 215mm
    • Middle Cylinder Diameter: 160mm
    • Small Cylinder Diameter: 110mm
    • Air Pressure: Above 8 kg
    • Top Length: 75mm
    • Top Width: 33mm
    • Pole Net Length: 1250mm
    • Ground Clearance: 1500mm
    • Net Weight: 78kg

    Note: After the second section is raised, the height increases, and the load capacity halves.

    Load Capacity

    • Section 1: The load capacity is 120 Ton.
    • Section 2: The load capacity is 60 Ton.

    Floor jack load bearing


    Air hydraulic floor jack application

    Tips: Which valve is used in hydraulic floor jack?

    The hydraulic floor jack commonly utilizes a specific type of valve known as a release valve or pressure relief valve. This valve is a crucial component of the jack's hydraulic system, responsible for controlling the flow of hydraulic fluid and maintaining the desired pressure within the system. The release valve is typically located near the hydraulic cylinder and is designed to release excess pressure when the jack reaches its maximum lifting capacity or when the operator wants to lower the jack.

    The release valve consists of a spring-loaded mechanism that opens when the pressure exceeds a predetermined limit, allowing the hydraulic fluid to flow back into the reservoir and reducing the pressure in the system. This action enables the jack to safely release the load or lower the lifted object. The valve may also incorporate additional features such as a control lever or knob for manual adjustment of the pressure release point.

    Overall, the release valve is a vital part of the hydraulic floor jack, ensuring safe and controlled lifting and lowering operations by regulating the hydraulic pressure within the system.

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