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    50 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack

    Economical price pneumatic hydraulic floor jack for automotive repair, with 25 ton / 50 ton lifting capacity, air pressure above 8 kg. This hydraulic car jack offers a convenient and efficient method of raising vehicles for maintenance tasks such as tire changes, oil changes, and repairs.
    SKU: ATO-HFJ-50T
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    Pneumatic hydraulic floor jacks are commonly used in automotive workshops, garages, and for roadside emergencies. They offer significant advantages over traditional mechanical jacks, including greater lifting capacity, ease of use, and stability.


    • Model: ATO-HFJ-50T
    • Lifting Weight: 25 Ton/ 50 Ton
    • Minimum Altitude: 195mm
    • Maximum Height: 380mm
    • Base Diameter: 160mm
    • Outer Cylinder Diameter: 136mm
    • Middle Cylinder Diameter: 95mm
    • Small Cylinder Diameter: 56mm
    • Air Pressure: Above 8 kg
    • Top Length: 53mm
    • Top Width: 29mm
    • Pole Net Length: 1130mm
    • Ground Clearance: 1380mm
    • Net Weight: 48kg

    Note: After the second section is raised, the height increases, and the load capacity halves.

    Load Capacity

    • Section 1: The load capacity is 50 Ton.
    • Section 2: The load capacity is 25 Ton.

    Floor jack load bearing


    Air hydraulic floor jack application

    Tips: What are air hydraulic floor jacks used for?

    Air hydraulic floor jacks are versatile tools used for lifting heavy objects, primarily vehicles, in various automotive and industrial applications. They combine the power of compressed air and hydraulic pressure to provide efficient lifting capabilities.

    These jacks feature a solid metal frame with wheels for mobility and a long handle for easy operation. They typically have a flat, padded lifting pad that comes into direct contact with the object being lifted. By connecting the jack to an air compressor, the compressed air drives a hydraulic pump, which pressurizes the hydraulic fluid. This pressure is then transferred to the lifting mechanism, allowing it to raise the object off the ground.

    Air hydraulic floor jacks are commonly found in auto repair shops, garages, and industrial settings where heavy equipment maintenance is required. They are used for tasks such as lifting cars and trucks during tire changes, undercarriage repairs, suspension work, or engine inspections. Their ability to handle significant weights and provide controlled lifting makes them essential tools in these environments, ensuring efficient and safe operations.

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