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    1 Ton Single Sheave Snatch Block with Hook

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    1 ton single sheave snatch block with hook is a mechanical device used in various applications to change the direction of a load or increase the lifting capacity, suitable 7.7mm wire rope diameter. The single sheave has a deep groove to accommodate a rope, cable, or chain.
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    Heavy duty snatch block is a versatile mechanical device used in various applications, especially in industries like construction, logging, and towing. It consists of a grooved wheel enclosed in a frame with a hook or shackle attached. The snatch block can be attached to anchor points or other objects, enabling efficient lifting, pulling, or towing operations.


    Model ATO-SL-HQGK1-1
    Rated Load Capacity (WLL) 1 Ton
    Experimental Load 1.63 Ton
    Wire Rope Diameter Suitable 7.7mm
    Max. 11mm
    Weight 2.84kg


    Single sheave snatch block dimension

    H B Lmax D 0
    318mm 116mm 70.5mm 37.5mm ≥27mm

    Precautions for use

    • Overloading is strictly prohibited.
    • The snatch block should be inspected regularly, and the period should not exceed 3 months.
    • The snatch block pulley is disassembled for maintenance, and the parts should be cleaned with gasoline.
    • The snatch block must not be beaten during loading and unloading to prevent deformation of parts.
    • When the snatch block is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and lubricated.

    Tips: What is a snatch block?

    A snatch block is a versatile pulley system used in various applications, particularly in rigging and towing operations. It consists of a grooved wheel enclosed within a housing or frame. The wheel has a groove that allows a rope or cable to pass through it. The primary purpose of a snatch block is to change the direction of a pulling force or to create a mechanical advantage by increasing the effective pulling power.

    When a rope or cable is threaded through the snatch block's groove, it forms a loop, which can be connected to an anchor point or another object. By rerouting the line, a snatch block enables the user to change the angle of pull, redirecting the force along a different path. This can be advantageous for maneuvering heavy loads, overcoming obstacles, or achieving better leverage. Snatch blocks are commonly employed in activities such as off-road recovery, maritime operations, construction, and forestry.

    Existing reviews of 1 Ton Single Sheave Snatch Block with Hook
    Use this block fairly regularly for tree removal, very durable. Haven’t had any problems with it and it looks great. Definitely recommend.
    From: Dylan | Date: 02/11/2023
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