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    5 Ton Single Sheave Snatch Block with Hook

    Buy factory price 5 ton single sheave snatch block with hook online. This snatch pulley block is a mechanical device used in various applications to change the direction of a load or increase the lifting capacity, suitable 15.5mm wire rope diameter. The single sheave has a deep groove to accommodate a rope, cable, or chain.
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    A 5 ton single sheave snatch block is a simple yet powerful mechanical device used in various industries and applications. It consists of a pulley enclosed within a block or housing with a hinged opening. The primary purpose of a snatch block is to change the direction of a load's pull or to create a mechanical advantage in lifting or pulling operations.


    Model ATO-SL-HQGK1-5
    Rated Load Capacity (WLL) 5 Ton
    Experimental Load 8.16 Ton
    Wire Rope Diameter Suitable 15.5mm
    Max. 18.5mm
    Weight 15.5kg


    Single sheave snatch block dimension

    H B Lmax D 0
    570mm 212mm 117mm 60mm ≥42mm

    Precautions for use

    • Overloading is strictly prohibited.
    • The snatch block should be inspected regularly, and the period should not exceed 3 months.
    • The snatch block pulley is disassembled for maintenance, and the parts should be cleaned with gasoline.
    • The snatch block must not be beaten during loading and unloading to prevent deformation of parts.
    • When the snatch block is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and lubricated.

    Tips: How does a snatch block work?

    A snatch block is a mechanical device used in rigging and lifting operations to increase the pulling capacity of a winch or hoist. It consists of a grooved wheel or pulley enclosed in a casing with a hinged side. The rope or cable is threaded through the grooved wheel, changing its direction. When the load is attached to the snatch block and the rope is pulled, the pulley reduces the amount of force required by distributing the load across multiple lines of rope. This mechanical advantage enables the user to exert a greater pulling force while reducing the strain on the winch or hoist. By increasing the pulling capacity, snatch blocks are commonly employed in situations where heavy loads need to be lifted or moved with limited equipment.

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